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Race result (Midnight run)

Well, I can’t say that I’m satisfied, but that would be strange considering that I’ve run a 10k close to 38 min this year. On the other hand I can honestly say that I did my best.

It had rained the hour before start, the start was postponed over half an hour. So we stood there in the start trap getting cold and frustrated. There were something the police had to solve in a crossing somewhere along the track.

I didn’t look much at the pace on the clock, trying to make my own pace. I didn’t get much sleep last night – the children were sick and awake a lot, so I figured both that and my lack of fitness could be a reason not to push myself too hard. However, when I had run 8 km I felt that I had a lot of strength left. And even if I had a long uphill left I pushed. And at the 9 km mark I increased even a little more.

The end time I got was 40:05. But on the race homepage I noticed that my avg pace was 3:57, meaning the track must be around 10.2 km long. I should be quite happy with that, but I have hard not to think of what I need to regain. Anyway, it was a nice race with lots of onlookers and bands playing everywhere. Makes one feel really alive!

Midnattsloppet, Göteborg (Midnight run, Gothenburg) 27 August

Mark – Time – Split – Avg pace
5km – 20:21 – 20:21 – 4:05
End – 40:05 – 19:44 – 3:57

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To be honest, you should be happy with this performance, it actually shows your level of development where things have not been favourable for you towards your running and yet you still run a 40:05 .. 6 seconds quicker and you would have a 39 minute 10km

then look at your 2nd half split and you will also see how good this run has been

look for the positives, that is why we run

all the best


Thank you TheEd! Trying to be positive, but will try harder 🙂


Hi Christian

what a great result, considering you´re back from an injury. Like TheEd said, nice second half.



Thank you MMS!

Now when I have a little distance to the race I can see more clearly that it IS a quite good result 🙂



A noble result considering you’ve been struggling with injury. Our fitness level is hard to keep up, however our heads never let us forget how quickly we should be able to run. I just raced this past weekend and after only running maybe 5 or 6 times over the past 3 weeks (more or less missing an entire cycle) and drinking & eating on vacation more then I would at home and I noticed a significant decrease in my fitness level. So moral of the story, running a 40 Min 10K after being off for sometime and nursing an injury is fantastic! Even that 2nd split shows you had some reserve left in you. You’ll be back in sub 38 shape soon enough!


Thank you very much! That warms a lot!
I haven’t been very active on the blog lately and saw your comment just now.

I tend to put too much thinking into most things. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes not as good. People (like my wife) sometimes describe me as reckless because of that. Myself, I am always very convinced that I know my limits and when to stop. Therefore, now when I’m trying to get back from injury I try to be a little more careful not to get back in the injury situation again. It was very unnerving.

This Saturday I run probably the last 10k race for the season. After that follows the Swedish winter with lots of slush, ice and snow.
Hopefully I will be able to beat the 40 min then. I’ve been running fully the past 5 weeks and doing some good quality sessions, so I feel quite confident about the current state of my fitness. But I doubt I will be able to beat the 38 this time 😉

Take care & good luck with your running!


I know the winter issues 🙁 My last race of the season was this past Sunday, time for a break then build up until a winter Half Marathon in Feb here in Canada (Which will be in the Snow). Good luck with your race this weekend, who knows you may surprise yourself with the result.

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