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It will be better

I haven’t posted in a little while.. Again..

Last week I caught some sickness. I felt unstable in the stomach and had weird aches from time to time. That led to me skipping the runs on thursday, friday and saturday. It should’ve been the first week of the program with the 5 x 2k on the thursday, but because of the illness I decided to postpone the week to this week.

On sunday I started running again. The first run in three days was full of energy. I felt like I could’ve been going on forever. It got back at me on the monday, though. On that run I felt tired. Maybe also because of the Lights in AlingsĂ„s walk on the the Sunday evening. Got around 10k extra there..

Besides that I’ve felt quite strong again. I ran the 1 hour easy on the tuesday and wednesday too and today I went for the 5 x 2 k. The complication today was that my watch went out of battery during the first interval which also deleted my stored sessions, why I can’t declare them below :S

I didn’t want to skip the session two weeks in a row, so I went on. Instead I ran for 8 minutes with 1,5 minutes rest in between. I really tried to run at around race speed. Don’t know how close it was though, but since I’ve been running on fixed paces for some time now I’ve noticed that it’s like gears on a bicycle 😉
I should’ve been pretty close at least, however, I didn’t feel very tired afterwards.

So either I have a “fit day” or I didn’t run hard enough 😀

Take care out there!

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