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While waiting for winter

The past weeks my running has been a little inconsistent. Worst the last week has been. It’s been both of having to time available for it, stormy and rainy weather and the past three days some infection.
Last thursday I tried for the 5x2k which came to be a disaster. Now afterwards I believe that the infection could have been in my system because I lacked both strength and endurance almost from the beginning, which isn’t usual.

After all my 2k sessions I’ve come to get a feel for how it’s supposed to feel – what is good tired and bad tired, what is good exhausted and bad exhausted etc. And this wasn’t a good one. By then of course, I didn’t know that I carried some disease. I should be better at checking my wake up heart rate. Only lately there’s been too much of everything. Much circulates around me and Emma building our dream house, my distance educations and my expanded work area. The time for running is getting less and less. And still it’s an important part of me – both in health and achievement.

I will never quit doing it – only now I have to leave room for other things once in a while.

Today was the first day I ran after the infection which has showed as pain in eyes, ears, neck and back and a minor headache. Since I wasn’t totally sure it was all gone even if I felt fine, I took a real easy run along Mälaren – an inland lake here in Västerås. It felt good, and even if I had only run 30 km last week it didn’t feel tough on the body. Only very very nice 🙂

29 nov – easy run along Mälarstranden
1 hour – 10.2 km – 5:58 min/km – hr 138

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