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Is this easy?

So, again some days of no running in between. This time three. It starting to become a trend. A trend which I will have to break. I’ve promised myself not to quit the running – at least not for as long as I’m able to run. There are always reasons that cannot be fought. But the past time’s lack of running hasn’t been for any really good reason. Only bad weather, lack of time, sickness and other bad excuses 😉

Today I did the easy run of 1 hour. After a few days off the first run always is quite ok. It goes somewhat fast and easy. Easier than when I run everyday. I guess that must be a sign of the body not being able to recover totally in between the runs if one run every single day.

Sun 11 dec – easy run in Alingsås
1:00.55 – 12.06 km – 5:03 min/km – hr 154

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