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A new beginning

The last month I’ve been building up to 1 hour runs everyday. In December I had a lot of colds and bad weather for many weeks, so my running bled. The average must have been around 30 km per week.

I think I now have been doing 1 hour runs every day for two weeks and it starts to feel good 🙂
The weather conditions are beginning to get harsh, the degrees goes down a bit under 0, but in many ways I enjoy it even better than a couple of degrees over 😉

I am still a little troubled by the achilles. In fact it has never disappeared permanently. Every now and then i feel it. Not every day. Far from it. But it has gone a little worse the past two weeks. I think it’s time soon to visit the ortho again.
Today’s run

25 Jan 2012 – easy run
1:02 hour
11.46 km
5:25 min/km
151 in hr

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Good to hear it is becoming consistent, have heard from quite a few in the Scandic regions struggling with sickness etc

you should soon be up and running on the old routine


Thank you TheEd,
I look forward to a good 2012.

We will build a house too, but hopefully I will be able to best my 10k time at 38 min a little at least 😉

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