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A life of mild pain?

My pain in the achilles just won’t go away.

Since beginning of summer I’ve had 3-5 different types of shoes which I alternate, but it shows no difference. I’ve also tried to use the same pair of shoes for a couple of weeks, but that doesn’t change anything neither.
It’s so strange, because I can’t see any swelling and no redness and most often I can’t make myself feel the pain. It comes and goes as it wishes. Every step can be a lottery.

But when I run I never feel it. Only when I walk, and most often when I’ve been still for a while (driving car, sitting, sleeping) And not every day. It’s all very strange. Only it gets a little, but just a little worse when I run more. But now when I’m at my most (70 km / week) I haven’t felt it for some days.

Yesterday’s values
The HR didn’t kick in in the beginning. Might need new battery.

26 Jan 2012 – easy run
11.31 km
5:20 min/km
1082 steps
155 hr
180 cadence

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