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Last friday I did the 5 x 2km intervals.
I think it went fine. I didn’t feel overly tired or fatigued anywhere. There were some winds but I tried not to fight them, like I otherwise do. That usually causes a lot of fatigue in the legs. This time I just ran and tried to keep the pace. On the Saturday, the day after, I took it easy doing only 1hr easy. I wanted to be quite rested when doing the long 18km run on the Sunday. I’ve delayed all the runs in the end of the week with one day. That’s because I had to take care of our one-year-old (Julie) on thursday evening. She had high fever and had to be taken to the emergency. Therefore no 2k intervals on thursday like it was supposed to be.

The 18km on the Sunday went very well. It was a little tough on the legs, but far from too tough. Yesterday I felt a little tired from it, but doing only a very easy 1 hour run took care of that 😉

9th March 2012

Day 3, sub 40 program – 1st round 2012

start with 5x2k R90 (3.55 to 4.00 per k)

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR aft. 90 sec
1 2.00 7:52 3:57 N/A N/A 101
2 2.00 7:51 3:56 165 175 108
3 2.00 8:04 4:03 169 180 118
4 2.00 8:10 4:06 173 181 127
5 2.00 8:01 4:01 176 185 124


Sat 10th March, 1 hr easy
Distance – 11.87 km
avg hr – 147 bpm

Sun 11th March, 18 km run
pace – 4:55 min/km
avg hr – 156 bpm

Mon 12th March, 1 hr easy
Distance – 11.13 km
avg hr – 146 bpm

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