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Heart skipping beats between intervals – kind of bad?

The past week has been awful. We had stomach flu in the family for the second time. Last time was over a month ago and we all hoped that we were through with that :S – but shame on us for thinking that..

I wasn’t that bad from it, but I had to keep away from running for a day. The 400 m intervals on the tuesday went pretty good. I had thoughts of running the seeding race to the Gothenburg half marathon on the Sunday, but I had so much going on so I skipped it. Overall there’s a lot going on now apart from all the sickness :). We’re soon to start building the house and I am to be away from work for at least 4 months to help build it.

On the tuesday this week something strange happened. I was planning to do the 2k intervals. I felt perfectly fine before. Then I started running. After the first interval when I stood resting for the 90 secs in between. I felt that the heart skipped some beats. Very irregular too. Only a few, but still.

I did 3 intervals then I decided to take a slow end run to the home. the intervals went fine. I had the strength in my legs to run fast enough, and no more skipped heartbeats in between, but after the third I felt that the energy just had went out of me.

Next morning I tried to get the resting heart rate in the morning. I didn’t have a watch with seconds showing right at the bed, but the bpm was between 58-65 somewhere. Usually I’m at 38-45. So I skipped the running yesterday. During the afternoon I got a headache the stomach ached and got swollen. Something strange was going on.

It’s still the same today, so I guess there won’t be any running today either. With two daycare kids in the family and a mild winter I guess this is how life is ;). I can still count myself lucky compared to many other people I know that have been sick repeatedly since December.

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you must be cautious with the heart beats if you have recently had a flu infection

treat with caution as the heart is a muscle and if flu effects the muscles the heart will certainly be affected as well



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