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Things have been up and down, but how about the future?

It feels like I have trouble getting consistency in my running. It has been both all the sicknesses since December within the family and the fact that the plans and organizing for the house-building takes up a lot of my time. Maybe this year will be a year where it’s better for me not to get to high hopes of my running. To be realistic maybe it will be tough for me to have the energy to go out running after building on the house for 8 hours. That will be my reality from 1st of May and up until September at least.

Well, it’s a little depressing, but I’d better cope with the fact now because I now that if I have high goals and don’t succeed I will take it harder.

Like I’ve written before the only planned race as for now is the Gothenburg half marathon. My first and only time I ran it was 2010. Then I had been running for almost a year and landed on the time 1:40. This time I will try to reach closer to 1:25. I have all April to run and I hope that May will be relatively easy on me when it comes to the house-building. The race is somewhere around 20-25 of May. I should be able to do two sub 40 programs in this time. We’ll see. But when looking at my fitness after the winter I should be able to do the race under 1:30 at least if nothing else comes in the way.

But, but.. One thing at a time. My achilles started making a little more trouble after the first interval-sessions this year. I might have to plan a visit to the physicist later on if it shows up again, which I’m certain it will.

One thing more, I did some digging up at the house lot in the weekend. The days after my back hurt and I had forgotten I had dug. I thought something was wrong with the back, but it was only muscle soreness from “training”. I’d better do some of the 500 exercises before starting working on the house in May 😀

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