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Never giving up

The past year has been so intense. I’ve been building a house – and it still isn’t over, though we live in it and most is done, there is still so much to do 🙂

I guess that’s more or less how my life will be from now on.. But I don’t have anything against that. Sure, it is tough to sometimes always have something that needs to be done about the house, but it was like that before too. Not just as meaningful tasks 😉

However, I’ve managed to come back to something that can be called consistency when it comes to running. I’ve been running all year – only for 2 months, when the building was too intense for me to cope with that, family and running, I backed in the running. But after that I at least tried to get 3 runs every week. On the other hand I took it very easy to build up my fitness without risking getting injured, so until December I ran only 30-40 minutes every run.

Now I’m back at 1 hour runs and the distance measures around 12 km, meaning a pace of 5 minutes per kilometer. Then I have a heart rate around 145. So practically I’m pretty close to getting back to the old habits. I run 4 runs every week. The goal is 6, but I still get the aches in my achilles every now and then – If it gets worse I will have to make them do a thourough examination of it, which hasn’t been done before.

I haven’t started doing a program with intervals yet – I want to be back at 6 times a week, 1 hour runs, first.

So, that’s about it. Feels good to be back!!

And, yeah, my goal this year is to run the Gothenburg half marathon at below 1:30, which I didn’t make last year 😉

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