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I’m about ready

I still don’t have the continuity of the running. Too many days every now and then where I can’t run due to sicknesses or the children being too sick and need attention. But I’m up at more than 50 km every week at least, so I think I’m ready to do a 4k time trial to see how fit I am. It feels like it’s about time since it’s 2 months to the Gothenburg half-marathon and if I don’t start doing the intervals soon I won’t have much time left to complete the 3 week cycles it means.

Last Friday I didn’t have more than 30 minutes to run. Then I felt the urge to speed up a little. I ran the 30 minutes at 4:12 min/km speed. It didn’t feel annoyingly hard either. But I guess it’s easy to feel like that first time to push on a little after a long time of running slowly 😉

Anyway, 4k time trial. Maybe on Saturday – and I’m up for it.

So, let’s go for it!

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