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Out of consistency

Yesterday I did an hour easy instead of a long run of 1:30. It was because I didn’t have the time to. Today was no exception. I planned to take the longest run today instead, but ended up with no run at all. I took that decision right before I sat down writing this. The time is 11 p.m. here and if I even would do just one hour run I would get to sleep around 1. a.m. or something taking in caculation time needed to cool-down and everything.

That wouldn’t be good for tomorrow’s work day at all. The reason of being busy today is among other things that I had to study and make an online quiz to complete a module in a distance course I’m doing. Somehow I prioritized that over the running today.

I need to get myself going with the running fully some time again soon. Only I don’t feel very happy about it. The running gives me good feelings and everything, but the lack of success of the end of this year really took the most out of me. Then it gets easier to choose not to run.

Before the injury (the whole winter and spring) I felt like I did everything right. And I got pay off then too. But then that injury came flying and though I know it’s a part of trying to achieve better times and all, it’s still kind of a bitch-slap to the whole years training ending up at the same “best-time” as last year.

Sometimes my thought just drift to that. Especially the few times I sit writing here about my running.
A big time disappointment and failure. I don’t like that. So I will do all I can to make next year much better – and hopefully injury-free too. But sadly nothing can erase how the second half of this year has been.

There’s a new day tomorrow..

Sub 40 program Training posts

It will be better

I haven’t posted in a little while.. Again..

Last week I caught some sickness. I felt unstable in the stomach and had weird aches from time to time. That led to me skipping the runs on thursday, friday and saturday. It should’ve been the first week of the program with the 5 x 2k on the thursday, but because of the illness I decided to postpone the week to this week.

On sunday I started running again. The first run in three days was full of energy. I felt like I could’ve been going on forever. It got back at me on the monday, though. On that run I felt tired. Maybe also because of the Lights in Alingsås walk on the the Sunday evening. Got around 10k extra there..

Besides that I’ve felt quite strong again. I ran the 1 hour easy on the tuesday and wednesday too and today I went for the 5 x 2 k. The complication today was that my watch went out of battery during the first interval which also deleted my stored sessions, why I can’t declare them below :S

I didn’t want to skip the session two weeks in a row, so I went on. Instead I ran for 8 minutes with 1,5 minutes rest in between. I really tried to run at around race speed. Don’t know how close it was though, but since I’ve been running on fixed paces for some time now I’ve noticed that it’s like gears on a bicycle 😉
I should’ve been pretty close at least, however, I didn’t feel very tired afterwards.

So either I have a “fit day” or I didn’t run hard enough 😀

Take care out there!

Racing posts

Ok performed (Running lights 10.2k race)

It might have been the last race for me this year. I think I did well enough. I performed a little better than at the last race, this time finishing at 40:16, which means a pace of 3:57. I also managed to do negative splits. Yesterday I was pretty satisfied, but now the evening after when I sit writing this I can’t help but to think about the past year’s running.

I had a goal to get below 37 minutes in 10 km. The best I got was a little over 38. But if that only would have been the last race of the year so that I knew that time was what I have to begin from next season. Unfortunately that’s not the case. I end the year at almost exactly the same 10k times as 2010, meaning I haven’t made a lot of progress. Quite depressing, in fact.

I know it’s because of the injury, but still. I can’t help but to think – Will the next year be exactly the same? Start out strongly, hitting an obstacle and end up at slightly below sub 40? Hard to say. Of course I will do my best to stay positive. Most of the time I am. I have been most of the time of the time I were injured. I really thought I would be able to at least come back to the same fitness in the end of the year. By now it feels I’ve been positive for no reason. On the other hand, when writing this, surrounded by the darkness of Swedish October and at the door to the cold winter, it’s a little hard to stay positive.

But, but.. Better things will come.. Maybe even tomorrow 😉

Who know’s, I might just get back into the same fitness as in May this year after all. Wouldn’t that be something..

15 October – Running lights, 10.2 km

1 – 3:52
2 – 3:55
3,4 – 7:44
5 – 4:07
6 – 4:22
7,8 – 7:59
9 – 4:19
10 – 3:53

Racing posts

10k race later today (Running lights)

It’s been a while since I last posted on the blog. I’ve been just too busy with everything else. But I haven’t stopped running. Since the last race I have been doing the program and my splits have been promising so I hope that today’s race will show a little payback 🙂

The race takes place 19.00 in the evening in Alingsås and is connected to the event Lights in Alingsås. The track measures 10.2 km and I believe I will be able to run it below 40:40. That means a sub 40 10k, which will show a little improvement since my last two races after the injury recovery time.


Training posts

Back on the road

Last week and this week I’ve been doing the program once again. A little modified though. I only did 4x2km @ ~4:00 pace, 5x1km @ ~3:50 pace. I also kept the easy runs a little easier than usual and sometimes with a little decreased time too. I need to get the body used to the heavy workload again.

The storm that passed USA a while ago passed us the past week. So.. it has been quite windy some days 🙂

I have 10k race Kretsloppet in Borås on Saturday. It will be fun. I don’t have especially high expectations – I hope to finish in around 40 minutes just like in Midnattsloppet. I would only be bad for myself to believe and try to get better result. They say it’s easier to regain the fitness you lost recently, and I believe them. However, I don’t think it will take a couple of weeks only.

Good running out there!

Racing posts

Race result (Midnight run)

Well, I can’t say that I’m satisfied, but that would be strange considering that I’ve run a 10k close to 38 min this year. On the other hand I can honestly say that I did my best.

It had rained the hour before start, the start was postponed over half an hour. So we stood there in the start trap getting cold and frustrated. There were something the police had to solve in a crossing somewhere along the track.

I didn’t look much at the pace on the clock, trying to make my own pace. I didn’t get much sleep last night – the children were sick and awake a lot, so I figured both that and my lack of fitness could be a reason not to push myself too hard. However, when I had run 8 km I felt that I had a lot of strength left. And even if I had a long uphill left I pushed. And at the 9 km mark I increased even a little more.

The end time I got was 40:05. But on the race homepage I noticed that my avg pace was 3:57, meaning the track must be around 10.2 km long. I should be quite happy with that, but I have hard not to think of what I need to regain. Anyway, it was a nice race with lots of onlookers and bands playing everywhere. Makes one feel really alive!

Midnattsloppet, Göteborg (Midnight run, Gothenburg) 27 August

Mark – Time – Split – Avg pace
5km – 20:21 – 20:21 – 4:05
End – 40:05 – 19:44 – 3:57

Injuries Racing posts

First race since the injury, tomorrow evening

The last weeks I haven’t been too active here on the blog, to express myself mildly.. Summer holiday with the family and I’ve been trying to catch up as much as possible with them from being apart for two months. But on Monday I’m back to work and that will also mean that I will be more active here on the blog 🙂

My running the past weeks have been a little increase in distance and workload. I’ve either been running a long run, or a tempo run every week. All together is has been two long runs and two tempo runs of 3x2km. I didn’t want to work myself too hard, thus only 3x2km intervals. I’ve tried to keep them at around 4:00 pace, but it is hard even for only 3 intervals. So it’s obvious I’m not in as great shape as I was before the injury. The past three months has really made an impact on my fitness.

Well, tomorrow it’s about to get proved. I’m doing Midnattsloppet, Gothenburg. A big 10k event that starts 10 p.m. Last year I ran it on 39:56. Hopefully I will be able to beat that.. But I’m not very sure of it. I will do my best. Try to start at around 3:50 pace and get the feel for it. I don’t think I’ll be able to maintain that pace, but one never knows. Sometimes it’s all about the fight! 😉

Anyway, it will be nice to get into those racing shoes again. After this I will try to increase my workload and mileage even more. It’s time to get back. My Achilles tendon seem to be up to it. It doesn’t get worse.

More tomorrow..

Injuries Training posts

The orthopedics ordination

So.. After my visit to the orthopedic today who by the way was the same as last time, I will now continue my every 2nd day running but add a long run every week. I told him I did a 1 h 30  min run last Saturday, and he thought it to be good for me to go on with that. And even increase a little on the long run every week. Sadly my Achilles tendonitis – which he is sure it is – didn’t show the whole past week – have felt stable as ever. He did tell me that it might show up again, but that these injuries is nothing peculiar to someone running as much as I do. It’s only a matter of what injury it will be next time and when. And also that it’s nothing to worry about – and that for most injuries the worst thing I could do is quit running. Then it might heal faster, but the time to get back to the same workload will be much longer.

Why he did want me to increase is that I told him that it hasn’t gotten worse in these months and that I still have increased my running – I increased my pace from 5:25 min/km to just below 5:00. He thought that it hadn’t gotten worse was a very good sign.

I also told him about the race 27/8 and he thought that should be no problem and that I probably haven’t lost much of my fitness during these months of injury. I find it a little hard to believe, but that he believes makes me a little more positive about the whole thing.

After two more weeks with one long run he thought I would be able to also add one tempo or interval run every week.

Today I put on my lightweight Adidas Adios for the first time in a few weeks. I have been running in my Adidas adistar Ride with more cushion for a while just to tend to my achilles. What a difference! Today it felt like I had no weight at all on the feet – and like I flew forward. I usually run in lightweight shoes during summertime and never swap between runs, so this was my first wow-experience when it comes to lightweight shoes 🙂

Thu 4 August – Easy run in Alingsås

1:00 – 12.25 km – 4:54 min/km – 153 in avg hr

Sat 6 August – long run in Alingsås

1:30 – 17.82 km – 5:03 min/km – 152 in avg hr

Mon 8 August – Easy run in Alingsås

1:00 – 12.11 km – 4:57 min/km – 149 in avg hr

Injuries Life in big Training posts

Back home in the a little more bearable climate

I’ve been home now since last saturday. I’ve run two times and it feels so much better considering fatigue and exhaustion. The climate in Sweden is a lot easier to run in during these months.

My injury though is no better. No worse either. I’ve booked a time for the same orthopedic next monday. Then we’ll see how we proceed next. I do feel stable enough to increase a little. So today I will run a 20 min run just to get the feel for it. And it seems most of my niggles comes (when they come at all) in the middle of the day – and all by chance. Sometimes it’s when I just stand still and don’t move at all.

Anyway, it’s good to be back with the family. Every day I’m not with them it feels like something is missing.

Tue 26 July – Easy run in fuzhou

1:00 – 11.65 km – 5:14 min/km – 155 in avg hr

Thu 28 July – Easy run in fuzhou

1:00 – 12.05 km – 4:59 min/km – 161 in avg hr

Fri 29 July – Easy run on threadmill at hotel in Shanghai – late evening

1:00 – 12.26 km – 4:54 min/km – 147 in avg hr

Sun 31 July – Easy run in Alingsås

1:00 – 12.11 km – 4:57 min/km – 160 in avg hr

Sun 2 August – Easy run in Alingsås

1:00:24 – 12.21 km – 4:57 min/km – 146 in avg hr

Analysis Injuries Training posts

Still can’t get the flow right

During the Friday’s run I became really exhausted. It was fine for a while though, but after 30 minutes it became worse. The last 10 minutes were unbearable. I tried my best not to force myself to maintain a certain speed. I never looked at the watch, but afterwards it was obvious that I had went pretty hard. I never seem to become adapted to the climate either. On the other hand July is the hottest month around here, but the past two or three weeks have been surprisingly cool. The past week though has been awful.

Today I went out late in the afternoon, the last hour of sunshine. It was extremely hot. The asphalt radiated a lot of heat. The temperature was still only 32 degrees C and humidity 70%, but since the asphalt was that hot it was just too much. I breaked after the big lap, after 42 minutes of running. After the run I couldn’t stand still for at least five minutes just breathing heavily. That quite much describes how affected I had become.’

I think also the development of today’s run was because of too bad hydration and too little nutrition. Because of my past problems with the digestion I seldom eat closer than 4-6 hours due to a run. Sometimes I’m very hungry when I go out…

When it comes to the achilles I’m not sure about anything anylonger. Is it the achilles tendonitis or is it plantar fasciitis? The orthopedic never told. What I do know is that it comes and goes at will. It doesn’t matter how I treat it or how much I rest, it seems. Some days it comes when I just walk around in the apartment and I have done nothing to provoke it. Well, the orthopedic said it would probably take only 2 weeks of easier running, then I’d be back. Now I’m up at two and a half months – maybe it’s time to pay him another visit 🙂

I know that these things can take time to heal, but I want an exact diagnosis to work against, or to know if I need to do anything differently or don’t do at all.

Fri 22 July – Easy run in fuzhou

1:00 – 12.36 km – 4:51 min/km – 164 in avg hr


Sun 24 July – Easy run in fuzhou

42:26 – 8.25 km – 5:08 min/km – 168 in avg hr