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Ok performed (Running lights 10.2k race)

It might have been the last race for me this year. I think I did well enough. I performed a little better than at the last race, this time finishing at 40:16, which means a pace of 3:57. I also managed to do negative splits. Yesterday I was pretty satisfied, but now the evening after when I sit writing this I can’t help but to think about the past year’s running.

I had a goal to get below 37 minutes in 10 km. The best I got was a little over 38. But if that only would have been the last race of the year so that I knew that time was what I have to begin from next season. Unfortunately that’s not the case. I end the year at almost exactly the same 10k times as 2010, meaning I haven’t made a lot of progress. Quite depressing, in fact.

I know it’s because of the injury, but still. I can’t help but to think – Will the next year be exactly the same? Start out strongly, hitting an obstacle and end up at slightly below sub 40? Hard to say. Of course I will do my best to stay positive. Most of the time I am. I have been most of the time of the time I were injured. I really thought I would be able to at least come back to the same fitness in the end of the year. By now it feels I’ve been positive for no reason. On the other hand, when writing this, surrounded by the darkness of Swedish October and at the door to the cold winter, it’s a little hard to stay positive.

But, but.. Better things will come.. Maybe even tomorrow 😉

Who know’s, I might just get back into the same fitness as in May this year after all. Wouldn’t that be something..

15 October – Running lights, 10.2 km

1 – 3:52
2 – 3:55
3,4 – 7:44
5 – 4:07
6 – 4:22
7,8 – 7:59
9 – 4:19
10 – 3:53

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10k race later today (Running lights)

It’s been a while since I last posted on the blog. I’ve been just too busy with everything else. But I haven’t stopped running. Since the last race I have been doing the program and my splits have been promising so I hope that today’s race will show a little payback 🙂

The race takes place 19.00 in the evening in AlingsÄs and is connected to the event Lights in AlingsÄs. The track measures 10.2 km and I believe I will be able to run it below 40:40. That means a sub 40 10k, which will show a little improvement since my last two races after the injury recovery time.


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Race result (Midnight run)

Well, I can’t say that I’m satisfied, but that would be strange considering that I’ve run a 10k close to 38 min this year. On the other hand I can honestly say that I did my best.

It had rained the hour before start, the start was postponed over half an hour. So we stood there in the start trap getting cold and frustrated. There were something the police had to solve in a crossing somewhere along the track.

I didn’t look much at the pace on the clock, trying to make my own pace. I didn’t get much sleep last night – the children were sick and awake a lot, so I figured both that and my lack of fitness could be a reason not to push myself too hard. However, when I had run 8 km I felt that I had a lot of strength left. And even if I had a long uphill left I pushed. And at the 9 km mark I increased even a little more.

The end time I got was 40:05. But on the race homepage I noticed that my avg pace was 3:57, meaning the track must be around 10.2 km long. I should be quite happy with that, but I have hard not to think of what I need to regain. Anyway, it was a nice race with lots of onlookers and bands playing everywhere. Makes one feel really alive!

Midnattsloppet, Göteborg (Midnight run, Gothenburg) 27 August

Mark – Time – Split – Avg pace
5km – 20:21 – 20:21 – 4:05
End – 40:05 – 19:44 – 3:57

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First race since the injury, tomorrow evening

The last weeks I haven’t been too active here on the blog, to express myself mildly.. Summer holiday with the family and I’ve been trying to catch up as much as possible with them from being apart for two months. But on Monday I’m back to work and that will also mean that I will be more active here on the blog 🙂

My running the past weeks have been a little increase in distance and workload. I’ve either been running a long run, or a tempo run every week. All together is has been two long runs and two tempo runs of 3x2km. I didn’t want to work myself too hard, thus only 3x2km intervals. I’ve tried to keep them at around 4:00 pace, but it is hard even for only 3 intervals. So it’s obvious I’m not in as great shape as I was before the injury. The past three months has really made an impact on my fitness.

Well, tomorrow it’s about to get proved. I’m doing Midnattsloppet, Gothenburg. A big 10k event that starts 10 p.m. Last year I ran it on 39:56. Hopefully I will be able to beat that.. But I’m not very sure of it. I will do my best. Try to start at around 3:50 pace and get the feel for it. I don’t think I’ll be able to maintain that pace, but one never knows. Sometimes it’s all about the fight! 😉

Anyway, it will be nice to get into those racing shoes again. After this I will try to increase my workload and mileage even more. It’s time to get back. My Achilles tendon seem to be up to it. It doesn’t get worse.

More tomorrow..

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Still on the move, it seems – New PB on 10k race HĂ€lsoloppet in AlingsĂ„s

Christian Schmeikal in 10k race HĂ€lsoloppet 2011-05-14
At the final sprint of HĂ€lsoloppet 2011

Yesterday’s race proved to be another PB. There were not many participators, I don’t know how many, but most were quite good runners so I felt I still had to fight for a good place. The track was a 5 km that we ran twice. It was on my usual running grounds, so I was familiar with the surroundings making it easy to anticipate what strength I had to put in for the inclines.

One thing I am very proud of is that I managed to sprint during almost the whole last km. Usually I do that at the last 300 meters only, but today I when I tried to push it at the last km during a small incline I got “blooded tooth” and went for it. It felt great!

I believe the track didn’t mesure exactly 10 km, but it was close. My finish time was exactly 38 minutes and I think I was at 3rd or 4th place. I still haven’t seen any results on the Internet and I don’t know if they will come. But I am very pleased with the results. This proves that consistency means everything, and the fact that when I went for 3:45-3:50 for the last session of 5 x 2km and managed to do it without complications showed that I was ready for the pace. 🙂

To get blooded tooth (blodad tand) is by the way a Swedish expression coming from bears being herbivores, but if they once eat an other animal they might become predators from that moment on. Strange, isn’t it? In English the expression is compared to getting taste for something.

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Another race success, though not as big as I had hoped

Race profile Lerumsloppet 2011
Race profile Lerumsloppet 2011

It was great climate for running. Almost no wind at all and around 16-20 degrees warm. The sun was up and showing. The first two km’s were difficult. At the start line they didn’t have signs or anything to go after to place yourself after assumed finish-time. So lots of people were in the way during the first 2k. The track was narrow at many places too, so I was caught in a brake-accelerate situation to keep up the average pace. On top of that I had to zig zag. You all know how that is. Very energy consuming.

Christian Schmeikal running Lerumsloppet 2011
During the last 300 meters

I believe I did all I could. However my estimate of possible pace during the very long inclines was very wrong. It didn’t take long until the pace was much slower than expected. At the time of the last 3 km I started growing very numb. I went in at 33 place of 482 male participators and my finish time was 39:11 – A new PB again. But I had hoped for more. Still I’m quite satisfied because this race was much tougher than the last one. Lots of slopes and high inclines. Very energy consuming.

In two weeks I have HĂ€lsoloppet – a 10 km race in AlingsĂ„s, where I live. I hope that will be a little easier track so I can finish with a great time in my own home town. That might also be my last race before I go to China 7th June. Then I start with a build up to recover for the last races of the year in August to October.

Results of Lerumsloppet 2011

Lerumsloppet 2011 – 10k race

Lap Time (sec) Cadence
1 3:53 91
2 3:49 92
3 3:50 93
4 3:51 92
5 4:17 93
6 3:57 93
7 3:57 92
8 3:50 92
9 3:59 92
10 3:50 93
TOTAL 0:39.11 92
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Thoughts about the coming race today (Lerumsloppet)

Early morning, 4 hours left until the race. Loaded myself with water since yesterday. In the late evening yesterday I also stuffed myself with wholegrains and yoghurt. An hour ago I ate spaghetti with tuna. I think that will be the last thing I eat before the race – I don’t want to risk upsetting the stomach.

During the race I plan to keep a pace of around 4:50 the first 4.3 km. Then comes the slope going on for around one km and lifts us up nearly 60 meters. Then I will try to keep the pace to around 4:00, but I know I will drop to around 4:15-4:20 after a while. It’s ok. I don’t want to come to dry-retching, which will be hard not to with such an incline.

After 5,3 km it goes downhill all the way to the finish line. So 60 meters downwards for 4,7 km. Then I will try to gain some of what a lost. So I will try to keep a pace of at least 3:40-3:45 most of the time.

But we’ll see. Keeping a pace of around 4:00 for such a long incline upwards might be unrealistic.

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10k Race – SkĂ€rgĂ„rdsmilen (New PB)

Going for the finish line

Around 8-10 degrees warm, a little windy and a lot of energy in the body

Since yesterday I had been loading up with water and lots of carbohydrates. I ate a big bowl of pasta right before I went to sleep. So today I only sipped on the water and ate two pieces of bread in the morning. I was very afraid of going to the dry-retchings and I had read that it could be cured by keeping up the blood volume – so drinking a little increased amount of water for a few days before is a good thing.

I know that I go to the dry-retchings after heavy load, like after a big slope in the end of the race and I knew this race had two. It was a high bridge which I had to pass twice, but it wasn’t in the end of the race. There were also a big chance of heavy winds on that one.

But today I was lucky – no dry-retchings and no heavy winds. There were winds, but no that annoying. Only thing I did wrong was dressing myself too warm and not increasing speed enough in the end 🙂 But doesn’t it always feel like you could’ve increased once you’ve crossed the finish line?

Anyway, this was my best 10k ever! I’m very proud. I finished at 39:19 (My watch showed that, but I have to see the results later). And out of more than 150 contestors I think I finished at top 10.

I missed one lap point, but here’s the data:

Detailed Garmin data

SkĂ€rgĂ„rdsmilen – 10k race

Lap Distance Time (sec) AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR Cadence
1 0.99 3:50 3:52 66 76 90
2 1.02 4:04 3:59 175 181 91
3 1.01 4:04 4:01 180 185 92
4 0.98 3:48 3:54 181 186 92
5 2.00 7:52 3:56 184 190 93
6 1.16 4:38 3:59 186 189 93
7 0.82 3:19 4:02 186 190 93
8 0.99 3:52 3:55 187 191 93
9 1.01 3:50 3:48 189 192 94
TOTAL 10.0 0:39.19 3:56 182 192 92

And here’s some more photos from the race day 😀

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No race..

During the night it literally came from all ends – excuse me for the vivid description..

I had hope until 10 am (the race were at 1 pm). Then I went to the store to test how it felt. I got exhausted and felt all weak in the body..

It’s quite a dissapointment that I missed the race. It was one of the big races I was going to run this year :S

So.. Now I just have to look forward – maybe I will be able to run a race next weekend.

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A little upset in the stomach – tomorrow’s “race day”

Like I never have any other stomach issues.. *sigh*

Two of my girls had the winter puking sickness in the week. We thought that was the end of it. Today my wife threw herself at the porcelain and I feel weird in the stomach. If it will evolve into something more I hope it will be over during the evening or night – but according to Murphys law there’s a big chance it’ll come right before start of the race tomorrow or even during the race. But I’m still confident and hope that it won’t be anything more than a little aching. 🙂

Any good advices on how to avoid throwing up while running? 😉

Today I follow coach’s advice and skip running..