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I’m about ready

I still don’t have the continuity of the running. Too many days every now and then where I can’t run due to sicknesses or the children being too sick and need attention. But I’m up at more than 50 km every week at least, so I think I’m ready to do a 4k time trial to see how fit I am. It feels like it’s about time since it’s 2 months to the Gothenburg half-marathon and if I don’t start doing the intervals soon I won’t have much time left to complete the 3 week cycles it means.

Last Friday I didn’t have more than 30 minutes to run. Then I felt the urge to speed up a little. I ran the 30 minutes at 4:12 min/km speed. It didn’t feel annoyingly hard either. But I guess it’s easy to feel like that first time to push on a little after a long time of running slowly 😉

Anyway, 4k time trial. Maybe on Saturday – and I’m up for it.

So, let’s go for it!

Life in big Training posts

Never giving up

The past year has been so intense. I’ve been building a house – and it still isn’t over, though we live in it and most is done, there is still so much to do 🙂

I guess that’s more or less how my life will be from now on.. But I don’t have anything against that. Sure, it is tough to sometimes always have something that needs to be done about the house, but it was like that before too. Not just as meaningful tasks 😉

However, I’ve managed to come back to something that can be called consistency when it comes to running. I’ve been running all year – only for 2 months, when the building was too intense for me to cope with that, family and running, I backed in the running. But after that I at least tried to get 3 runs every week. On the other hand I took it very easy to build up my fitness without risking getting injured, so until December I ran only 30-40 minutes every run.

Now I’m back at 1 hour runs and the distance measures around 12 km, meaning a pace of 5 minutes per kilometer. Then I have a heart rate around 145. So practically I’m pretty close to getting back to the old habits. I run 4 runs every week. The goal is 6, but I still get the aches in my achilles every now and then – If it gets worse I will have to make them do a thourough examination of it, which hasn’t been done before.

I haven’t started doing a program with intervals yet – I want to be back at 6 times a week, 1 hour runs, first.

So, that’s about it. Feels good to be back!!

And, yeah, my goal this year is to run the Gothenburg half marathon at below 1:30, which I didn’t make last year 😉

Sub 40 program Training posts

Things have been up and down, but how about the future?

It feels like I have trouble getting consistency in my running. It has been both all the sicknesses since December within the family and the fact that the plans and organizing for the house-building takes up a lot of my time. Maybe this year will be a year where it’s better for me not to get to high hopes of my running. To be realistic maybe it will be tough for me to have the energy to go out running after building on the house for 8 hours. That will be my reality from 1st of May and up until September at least.

Well, it’s a little depressing, but I’d better cope with the fact now because I now that if I have high goals and don’t succeed I will take it harder.

Like I’ve written before the only planned race as for now is the Gothenburg half marathon. My first and only time I ran it was 2010. Then I had been running for almost a year and landed on the time 1:40. This time I will try to reach closer to 1:25. I have all April to run and I hope that May will be relatively easy on me when it comes to the house-building. The race is somewhere around 20-25 of May. I should be able to do two sub 40 programs in this time. We’ll see. But when looking at my fitness after the winter I should be able to do the race under 1:30 at least if nothing else comes in the way.

But, but.. One thing at a time. My achilles started making a little more trouble after the first interval-sessions this year. I might have to plan a visit to the physicist later on if it shows up again, which I’m certain it will.

One thing more, I did some digging up at the house lot in the weekend. The days after my back hurt and I had forgotten I had dug. I thought something was wrong with the back, but it was only muscle soreness from “training”. I’d better do some of the 500 exercises before starting working on the house in May 😀

Sub 40 program Training posts

Heart skipping beats between intervals – kind of bad?

The past week has been awful. We had stomach flu in the family for the second time. Last time was over a month ago and we all hoped that we were through with that :S – but shame on us for thinking that..

I wasn’t that bad from it, but I had to keep away from running for a day. The 400 m intervals on the tuesday went pretty good. I had thoughts of running the seeding race to the Gothenburg half marathon on the Sunday, but I had so much going on so I skipped it. Overall there’s a lot going on now apart from all the sickness :). We’re soon to start building the house and I am to be away from work for at least 4 months to help build it.

On the tuesday this week something strange happened. I was planning to do the 2k intervals. I felt perfectly fine before. Then I started running. After the first interval when I stood resting for the 90 secs in between. I felt that the heart skipped some beats. Very irregular too. Only a few, but still.

I did 3 intervals then I decided to take a slow end run to the home. the intervals went fine. I had the strength in my legs to run fast enough, and no more skipped heartbeats in between, but after the third I felt that the energy just had went out of me.

Next morning I tried to get the resting heart rate in the morning. I didn’t have a watch with seconds showing right at the bed, but the bpm was between 58-65 somewhere. Usually I’m at 38-45. So I skipped the running yesterday. During the afternoon I got a headache the stomach ached and got swollen. Something strange was going on.

It’s still the same today, so I guess there won’t be any running today either. With two daycare kids in the family and a mild winter I guess this is how life is ;). I can still count myself lucky compared to many other people I know that have been sick repeatedly since December.

Training posts

Some promising 1k intervals too

Yesterday I did the 1k intervals. In the beginning I had it a little tough, but probably that was because it was slightly uphill. I ran in Gävle along a big road. Therefore I turned after 3 km and headed back to the hotel. The last 3 intervals went much easier. It felt good and it feels good to put the quadraceps to the test.

Day 8, sub 40 program –  1st round 2012 
start with 6x1k R60 3:55 km/min to 4:00 km/min

Lap Time AvgHR MaxHR HR After 60 sec rest
1 3:58 ? ? ?
2 3:53 158 177 ?
3 3:47 161 175 ?
4 3:46 166 176 ?
5 3:49 163 173 ?
6 3:51 164 176 ?


Day 9 – 1hr easy

1:00.57 – 12.15 km – 5:01 min/km – hr 148

Sub 40 program Training posts

Last friday I did the 5 x 2km intervals.
I think it went fine. I didn’t feel overly tired or fatigued anywhere. There were some winds but I tried not to fight them, like I otherwise do. That usually causes a lot of fatigue in the legs. This time I just ran and tried to keep the pace. On the Saturday, the day after, I took it easy doing only 1hr easy. I wanted to be quite rested when doing the long 18km run on the Sunday. I’ve delayed all the runs in the end of the week with one day. That’s because I had to take care of our one-year-old (Julie) on thursday evening. She had high fever and had to be taken to the emergency. Therefore no 2k intervals on thursday like it was supposed to be.

The 18km on the Sunday went very well. It was a little tough on the legs, but far from too tough. Yesterday I felt a little tired from it, but doing only a very easy 1 hour run took care of that 😉

9th March 2012

Day 3, sub 40 program – 1st round 2012

start with 5x2k R90 (3.55 to 4.00 per k)

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR aft. 90 sec
1 2.00 7:52 3:57 N/A N/A 101
2 2.00 7:51 3:56 165 175 108
3 2.00 8:04 4:03 169 180 118
4 2.00 8:10 4:06 173 181 127
5 2.00 8:01 4:01 176 185 124


Sat 10th March, 1 hr easy
Distance – 11.87 km
avg hr – 147 bpm

Sun 11th March, 18 km run
pace – 4:55 min/km
avg hr – 156 bpm

Mon 12th March, 1 hr easy
Distance – 11.13 km
avg hr – 146 bpm

Chat Injuries Training posts

A life of mild pain?

My pain in the achilles just won’t go away.

Since beginning of summer I’ve had 3-5 different types of shoes which I alternate, but it shows no difference. I’ve also tried to use the same pair of shoes for a couple of weeks, but that doesn’t change anything neither.
It’s so strange, because I can’t see any swelling and no redness and most often I can’t make myself feel the pain. It comes and goes as it wishes. Every step can be a lottery.

But when I run I never feel it. Only when I walk, and most often when I’ve been still for a while (driving car, sitting, sleeping) And not every day. It’s all very strange. Only it gets a little, but just a little worse when I run more. But now when I’m at my most (70 km / week) I haven’t felt it for some days.

Yesterday’s values
The HR didn’t kick in in the beginning. Might need new battery.

26 Jan 2012 – easy run
11.31 km
5:20 min/km
1082 steps
155 hr
180 cadence

Build up phase Training posts

A new beginning

The last month I’ve been building up to 1 hour runs everyday. In December I had a lot of colds and bad weather for many weeks, so my running bled. The average must have been around 30 km per week.

I think I now have been doing 1 hour runs every day for two weeks and it starts to feel good 🙂
The weather conditions are beginning to get harsh, the degrees goes down a bit under 0, but in many ways I enjoy it even better than a couple of degrees over 😉

I am still a little troubled by the achilles. In fact it has never disappeared permanently. Every now and then i feel it. Not every day. Far from it. But it has gone a little worse the past two weeks. I think it’s time soon to visit the ortho again.
Today’s run

25 Jan 2012 – easy run
1:02 hour
11.46 km
5:25 min/km
151 in hr

Training posts

Is this easy?

So, again some days of no running in between. This time three. It starting to become a trend. A trend which I will have to break. I’ve promised myself not to quit the running – at least not for as long as I’m able to run. There are always reasons that cannot be fought. But the past time’s lack of running hasn’t been for any really good reason. Only bad weather, lack of time, sickness and other bad excuses 😉

Today I did the easy run of 1 hour. After a few days off the first run always is quite ok. It goes somewhat fast and easy. Easier than when I run everyday. I guess that must be a sign of the body not being able to recover totally in between the runs if one run every single day.

Sun 11 dec – easy run in Alingsås
1:00.55 – 12.06 km – 5:03 min/km – hr 154

Life in big Training posts

While waiting for winter

The past weeks my running has been a little inconsistent. Worst the last week has been. It’s been both of having to time available for it, stormy and rainy weather and the past three days some infection.
Last thursday I tried for the 5x2k which came to be a disaster. Now afterwards I believe that the infection could have been in my system because I lacked both strength and endurance almost from the beginning, which isn’t usual.

After all my 2k sessions I’ve come to get a feel for how it’s supposed to feel – what is good tired and bad tired, what is good exhausted and bad exhausted etc. And this wasn’t a good one. By then of course, I didn’t know that I carried some disease. I should be better at checking my wake up heart rate. Only lately there’s been too much of everything. Much circulates around me and Emma building our dream house, my distance educations and my expanded work area. The time for running is getting less and less. And still it’s an important part of me – both in health and achievement.

I will never quit doing it – only now I have to leave room for other things once in a while.

Today was the first day I ran after the infection which has showed as pain in eyes, ears, neck and back and a minor headache. Since I wasn’t totally sure it was all gone even if I felt fine, I took a real easy run along Mälaren – an inland lake here in Västerås. It felt good, and even if I had only run 30 km last week it didn’t feel tough on the body. Only very very nice 🙂

29 nov – easy run along Mälarstranden
1 hour – 10.2 km – 5:58 min/km – hr 138