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Things have been up and down, but how about the future?

It feels like I have trouble getting consistency in my running. It has been both all the sicknesses since December within the family and the fact that the plans and organizing for the house-building takes up a lot of my time. Maybe this year will be a year where it’s better for me not to get to high hopes of my running. To be realistic maybe it will be tough for me to have the energy to go out running after building on the house for 8 hours. That will be my reality from 1st of May and up until September at least.

Well, it’s a little depressing, but I’d better cope with the fact now because I now that if I have high goals and don’t succeed I will take it harder.

Like I’ve written before the only planned race as for now is the Gothenburg half marathon. My first and only time I ran it was 2010. Then I had been running for almost a year and landed on the time 1:40. This time I will try to reach closer to 1:25. I have all April to run and I hope that May will be relatively easy on me when it comes to the house-building. The race is somewhere around 20-25 of May. I should be able to do two sub 40 programs in this time. We’ll see. But when looking at my fitness after the winter I should be able to do the race under 1:30 at least if nothing else comes in the way.

But, but.. One thing at a time. My achilles started making a little more trouble after the first interval-sessions this year. I might have to plan a visit to the physicist later on if it shows up again, which I’m certain it will.

One thing more, I did some digging up at the house lot in the weekend. The days after my back hurt and I had forgotten I had dug. I thought something was wrong with the back, but it was only muscle soreness from “training”. I’d better do some of the 500 exercises before starting working on the house in May 😀

Sub 40 program Training posts

Heart skipping beats between intervals – kind of bad?

The past week has been awful. We had stomach flu in the family for the second time. Last time was over a month ago and we all hoped that we were through with that :S – but shame on us for thinking that..

I wasn’t that bad from it, but I had to keep away from running for a day. The 400 m intervals on the tuesday went pretty good. I had thoughts of running the seeding race to the Gothenburg half marathon on the Sunday, but I had so much going on so I skipped it. Overall there’s a lot going on now apart from all the sickness :). We’re soon to start building the house and I am to be away from work for at least 4 months to help build it.

On the tuesday this week something strange happened. I was planning to do the 2k intervals. I felt perfectly fine before. Then I started running. After the first interval when I stood resting for the 90 secs in between. I felt that the heart skipped some beats. Very irregular too. Only a few, but still.

I did 3 intervals then I decided to take a slow end run to the home. the intervals went fine. I had the strength in my legs to run fast enough, and no more skipped heartbeats in between, but after the third I felt that the energy just had went out of me.

Next morning I tried to get the resting heart rate in the morning. I didn’t have a watch with seconds showing right at the bed, but the bpm was between 58-65 somewhere. Usually I’m at 38-45. So I skipped the running yesterday. During the afternoon I got a headache the stomach ached and got swollen. Something strange was going on.

It’s still the same today, so I guess there won’t be any running today either. With two daycare kids in the family and a mild winter I guess this is how life is ;). I can still count myself lucky compared to many other people I know that have been sick repeatedly since December.

Sub 40 program Training posts

Last friday I did the 5 x 2km intervals.
I think it went fine. I didn’t feel overly tired or fatigued anywhere. There were some winds but I tried not to fight them, like I otherwise do. That usually causes a lot of fatigue in the legs. This time I just ran and tried to keep the pace. On the Saturday, the day after, I took it easy doing only 1hr easy. I wanted to be quite rested when doing the long 18km run on the Sunday. I’ve delayed all the runs in the end of the week with one day. That’s because I had to take care of our one-year-old (Julie) on thursday evening. She had high fever and had to be taken to the emergency. Therefore no 2k intervals on thursday like it was supposed to be.

The 18km on the Sunday went very well. It was a little tough on the legs, but far from too tough. Yesterday I felt a little tired from it, but doing only a very easy 1 hour run took care of that 😉

9th March 2012

Day 3, sub 40 program – 1st round 2012

start with 5x2k R90 (3.55 to 4.00 per k)

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR aft. 90 sec
1 2.00 7:52 3:57 N/A N/A 101
2 2.00 7:51 3:56 165 175 108
3 2.00 8:04 4:03 169 180 118
4 2.00 8:10 4:06 173 181 127
5 2.00 8:01 4:01 176 185 124


Sat 10th March, 1 hr easy
Distance – 11.87 km
avg hr – 147 bpm

Sun 11th March, 18 km run
pace – 4:55 min/km
avg hr – 156 bpm

Mon 12th March, 1 hr easy
Distance – 11.13 km
avg hr – 146 bpm

Sub 40 program Training posts

It will be better

I haven’t posted in a little while.. Again..

Last week I caught some sickness. I felt unstable in the stomach and had weird aches from time to time. That led to me skipping the runs on thursday, friday and saturday. It should’ve been the first week of the program with the 5 x 2k on the thursday, but because of the illness I decided to postpone the week to this week.

On sunday I started running again. The first run in three days was full of energy. I felt like I could’ve been going on forever. It got back at me on the monday, though. On that run I felt tired. Maybe also because of the Lights in Alingsås walk on the the Sunday evening. Got around 10k extra there..

Besides that I’ve felt quite strong again. I ran the 1 hour easy on the tuesday and wednesday too and today I went for the 5 x 2 k. The complication today was that my watch went out of battery during the first interval which also deleted my stored sessions, why I can’t declare them below :S

I didn’t want to skip the session two weeks in a row, so I went on. Instead I ran for 8 minutes with 1,5 minutes rest in between. I really tried to run at around race speed. Don’t know how close it was though, but since I’ve been running on fixed paces for some time now I’ve noticed that it’s like gears on a bicycle 😉
I should’ve been pretty close at least, however, I didn’t feel very tired afterwards.

So either I have a “fit day” or I didn’t run hard enough 😀

Take care out there!

Sub 40 program Training posts

I didn’t feel “light” at all

First day of the program. At today’s run I couldn’t bear running for more than 40 minutes even though I know I said I would run more today to compensate yesterdays lack. I just felt heavy and my breathing was strained. I don’t know why, but one possibility could be the exercising I did earlier on the day. I did 50 forward lunges and 50 toe lifts among other things. That might have been it. Also I switched shoes to another pair according to what Coach has told me. It’s to decrease the risk of injury – to switch between at least two different pairs of shoes. Anyway, I felt I had to fight more to maintain the pace. Much more than I had to do the past three days.

Else I don’t know.

Tue 5 July – Easy run in fuzhou

40:06 – 8.16 km – 4:55 min/km – 162 in avg hr



Injuries Sub 40 program Training posts

The injured achilles and this weeks training

Like I wrote in my earlier post I started running again on saturday. At every session I’ve had a few niggles in the Achilles tendon in the beginning. Everytime they disappeared quite fast.

I started out this week with an easy 1 hour run which felt good. Still the niggle, but not worse. Every day niggle feels slightly better. But only slightly. After work I was late for the commuter train, so I had to run fast to catch it. Then I noticed I didn’t feel the niggles – not even in the beginning. That’s when I decided I would try to manage the 6 x 1k session today.

The 6 x 1k session was ok. There were lots of hard head winds during 3-5 interval, which truly shows on my decreasing pace and increasing heart rates. On the last 50 meters of the last 1k I had the dry-retchings. Probably because of trying to maintain the high pace at head wind. That’s one hard thing – not to overwork oneself when doing a paced run in nasty head wind. The pace isn’t calculated for hard winds, I suppose, but it still shows as a bad result in the data :S

Anyway, I had no trouble with the achilles tendon during the interval sessions. Only like every time earlier, at the first steps of the warm up slow running.

Tue May 24 – 6 x 1k with 60 seconds of rest in between

Lap – Avg pace – Avg HR – Max HR – Min HR after rest
1 – 3:36 – 163 – 107
2 – 3:38 – 164 – 111
3 – 3:38 – 174 – 118
4 – 3:41 – 177 – 125
5 – 3:43 – 179 – 132
6 – 3:39 – 180 – 128

Injuries Sub 40 program Training posts

When the body disagrees with the performance

This Monday I had pains in the right achilles tendon right when I started running my 1 hour easy run. They disappeared after a minute, but came back for short whiles during the run. Most of the time I didn’t feel it at all.

I asked Coach what to do about it on the Tuesday – I also told him I had caught a minor cold, which I still have 🙁

He answered that it was the body’s way to react when I now had increased my race speed at the race last Saturday. He told me it is best to take it easy, cut the runs by 20-30%. Also, it could be good to ice the achilles tendon right after practice and heat it with a bean/wheat-bag or similar during the evening. Then he adviced me to read about the achilles tendonities injury in time-to-run’s injury section and how to treat it to recover in shortest time possible.

Like you can see below I took it very easy during today’s and yesterday’s runs. Now I’m a little concerned with Thursday’s 5 x 2k run. What will it do to my performance if I’m not able to do it? I’ll have to ask Coach.

Tue 17 May – easy recovery run

6.36 km – 5:49 min/km – 123 in avg hr

Wed 18 May – easy recovery run

6.32 km – 5:48 min/km – 123 in avg hr

Sub 40 program Training posts

Early morning run in Copenhagen (3:35-3:40 min/km 1k intervals)

When I woke up with sandy eyes and heavy breathing at 6 a.m I didn’t think it as such a great idea to take the 1k intervals at such an early time. But I had no choice. They were going to happen today and since I am in Copenhagen for work and we have planned to work at the evening I had to do them before I went to work.

I went to the artificial lakes I ran my 1 hr by the day before and started…

After the first 1k interval I though I would never make 6 of them at 3:35 to 3:40 pace. But I persisted.. And it paid off. I managed to do all of them, however, I was very tired. But somehow I seemed to find the strength to keep it up.

Mon May 9 – 1 hr run

11.16 km,  5:24, 131

Tue May 10 – 6 x 1k @ 3:35-3:40 km/min, 60 sec of rest in between

Lap – Avg Pace – Avg HR – Max HR – Min HR @ rest

1> 3:41 – 156 – 169 – will upd.

2> 3:36 – 165 – 176 – will upd.

3> 3:37 – 169 – 182 – will upd.

4> 3:37 – 174 – 186 – will upd.

5> 3:38 – 176 – 186 – will upd.

6> 3:38 – 178 – 188 – will upd.

Sub 40 program Training posts

A tiresome longest run

I don’t know if it was an effect of the increased pace during the 2k sessions last thursday or just the muscles saying “enough now!”, but I experienced the longest run on the Saturday is very tiresome. I went a bit over 17 km’s, so I had a quite good pace, though.

Then I wasn’t sure of it or if it was just me experiencing it, but yesterday during the 1 hr run I felt very tired in the legs. And it showed at my performance too. Let’s hope the coming weekdays can put me in the right track again since I have the Hälsoloppet race on Saturday. I really hope for a sub 39 time then

Sat May 7 – Longest run – 1 h 30 min

17.01 km,  5:31, 132

Sun May 8 – 1 hour run

58:15, 10.7 km, 5:29, 136

Sub 40 program Training posts

Pushing the limits (2k sessions)

Yesterday I had my 2k sessions for this round. Since I have managed to best my 10k times both last races I had my mind set upon better results before going out on the run. Since my last race was run at average pace of 3:55 min/km I wanted to push the threshold a little, thus I planned for 3:45-3:50 on the sessions.

I can say now afterwards that it was much like a race when it comes to how you feel in the end. During the last 2k interval I had to really fight to keep the pace up, but I managed to still. The past two weeks I’ve got the feeling a little more than before that the body can handle much more than the mind is willing to admit –  and that it’s mostly the mind that limits it all. But I also don’t think that it’s good to reach too far over the limits of the mind. Like coach says, you need to give the body time to adjust – and it’s very true.

Most probably I won’t be able to maintain 3:45 during the race next weekend, but maybe the race after that 🙂

It seems now like I will run Hälsoloppet in Alingsås next weekend and Blodomloppet in Gothenburg two after that. Then I will have a little break from racing when I’m in china and only work on the build-up for some weeks on the treadmill 🙂

Day 3, sub 39 program

start with 5x2k R90 (3.45 to 3:50 per k)

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR aft. 90 sec Note
1 2.00 7:32.40 3:47 169 190 94 Strange HR values
2 2.00 7:34.22 3:47 167 177 115
3 2.01 7:39.89 3:49 171 181 124
4 1.99 7:36.46 3:49 176 185 130 Started getting tired
5 2.00 7:34.70 3:48 179 186 125 Really tired here