Christian Schmeikal
Name: Christian Schmeikal
Location: Alingsås, Sweden
Age: 28
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Family: Wife and 2 daughters

Best running performances

Time: 39:45 (Kretsloppet i Borås, 2010)
Pace: 3:59
Rank: 77 of 1390 (Kretsloppet i Borås, 2010)

Time: 1:40:51 (Göteborgsvarvet, 2010)
Pace: 4:48
Rank: 2 701 of over 58 000 (Göteborgsvarvet, 2010)

I just love to run.

I started out in 2009, ran a couple of races in 2010 and really got the taste for it. I also noticed that my results were descent which made me want to reach for higher grounds.

So now I’m doing all I can to become an elite runner – all together with having family of wife and two kids (one more on the way) and my normal job. That is what Running for performance is about.

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