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The injured achilles and this weeks training

Like I wrote in my earlier post I started running again on saturday. At every session I’ve had a few niggles in the Achilles tendon in the beginning. Everytime they disappeared quite fast.

I started out this week with an easy 1 hour run which felt good. Still the niggle, but not worse. Every day niggle feels slightly better. But only slightly. After work I was late for the commuter train, so I had to run fast to catch it. Then I noticed I didn’t feel the niggles – not even in the beginning. That’s when I decided I would try to manage the 6 x 1k session today.

The 6 x 1k session was ok. There were lots of hard head winds during 3-5 interval, which truly shows on my decreasing pace and increasing heart rates. On the last 50 meters of the last 1k I had the dry-retchings. Probably because of trying to maintain the high pace at head wind. That’s one hard thing – not to overwork oneself when doing a paced run in nasty head wind. The pace isn’t calculated for hard winds, I suppose, but it still shows as a bad result in the data :S

Anyway, I had no trouble with the achilles tendon during the interval sessions. Only like every time earlier, at the first steps of the warm up slow running.

Tue May 24 – 6 x 1k with 60 seconds of rest in between

Lap – Avg pace – Avg HR – Max HR – Min HR after rest
1 – 3:36 – 163 – 107
2 – 3:38 – 164 – 111
3 – 3:38 – 174 – 118
4 – 3:41 – 177 – 125
5 – 3:43 – 179 – 132
6 – 3:39 – 180 – 128

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Early morning run in Copenhagen (3:35-3:40 min/km 1k intervals)

When I woke up with sandy eyes and heavy breathing at 6 a.m I didn’t think it as such a great idea to take the 1k intervals at such an early time. But I had no choice. They were going to happen today and since I am in Copenhagen for work and we have planned to work at the evening I had to do them before I went to work.

I went to the artificial lakes I ran my 1 hr by the day before and started…

After the first 1k interval I though I would never make 6 of them at 3:35 to 3:40 pace. But I persisted.. And it paid off. I managed to do all of them, however, I was very tired. But somehow I seemed to find the strength to keep it up.

Mon May 9 – 1 hr run

11.16 km,  5:24, 131

Tue May 10 – 6 x 1k @ 3:35-3:40 km/min, 60 sec of rest in between

Lap – Avg Pace – Avg HR – Max HR – Min HR @ rest

1> 3:41 – 156 – 169 – will upd.

2> 3:36 – 165 – 176 – will upd.

3> 3:37 – 169 – 182 – will upd.

4> 3:37 – 174 – 186 – will upd.

5> 3:38 – 176 – 186 – will upd.

6> 3:38 – 178 – 188 – will upd.

Sub 40 program Training posts

When everything feels right

The last week have been great. Sunny weather and dry surfaces and last but not least – the possibility to undress some and get rid of the last layer of winter clothing. I’ve switched to my Adidas Attune ClimaCool training shoes and changed to short tights and sleeveless shirts. Very relieving!

Today’s session was all about wanting and getting. I decided to go for Coach’s lead to drop 5 secs on the tempo sessions. Today it was the 1k’s which I then tried to run at 3:40 to 3:45. It didn’t feel like I had to push myself too much at any point during the sessions. I guess both my body and brain were ready for the change – even welcomed it 🙂

I asked Coach today about Aerobic runs, which I currently don’t have in my program. He told me it was not necessary now, but when I get down to under 35 min in 10k we would implement them. I replied that would probably be 2-3 years in the future. Amazingly he then wrote it could happen in the end of the year! He really puts a lot of faith in my ability to improve – I like that!! 😀

At Saturday I have the 10k race Lerumsloppet, which I am very excited about. It’s a little different, with a big upward slope in the middle of the race, covering a whole km. I hope I can achieve something there 😉

Race profile - Lerumsloppet (Height over sea in meters)

Day 8, sub 40 program5th round
start with 6x1k R60 3min 40 to 3min45

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR After 60 sec rest
1 1.0 3:40 3:39
2 1.0 3:41 3:41 107
3 0.99 3:38 3:41 164 180 121
4 1.0 3:41 3:42 169 182 122
5 0.99 3:40 3:43 172 184 129
6 0.98 3:32 3:36 175 185 126
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Seedningsloppet (race) next week and more retchings

The past days have been a little heavy. I have done all training though and just tried to relax with the family.

Yesterday I did the 5k sub 20, but like on the 2k x 5 last time I came to retchings close to the end of the run. This time it was when I had less than a half km left. It has been in the end both times. Of course it meant I had to stop and go through with them. I didn’t throw up, just a two or three retchings and then it was all good again. No warning of something like it earlier on the day or run either.

I got a little concerned about next weeks race, so I started investigating a little on the web if other runners had similar problems and what to do. I found out that it seem to be connected to low ph in the stomach and/or high lactate levels.

I’ve found some recommendations about what food not to intake before a run and how long before the run I shouldn’t take any of it. The list is here, but is in swedish – maybe there’s an international one somewhere – please feel free to provide me with one if you know of any :).

From that list I can easily see that my primary problem must be coffee and heavy food at all closer than 3 hours before a run. I always run within 2 hours from a big dinner and most of the times I also drink coffee right after dinner, which doesn’t seem to be good. This can be closely related to my diarrea during runs too..

However, about the diarrea I’ve been to a physician and left lots of samples of all kinds at the laboratory. Did it at friday and it will be very interesting to see the results..

I’m too occupied right now to fill in the gaps with all the detailed running data, so I just add to most important ones which are the 1k x 6 earlier in the week and yesterdays 5k sub 20.

This week I need to load up for the Gothenburg half marathong seeding race which is next Sunday. Last year I ran it that on 45:17. Now I hope to at least run at less than 43 min, which I should be able to do if I’m in same shape as the last 10k race last year or better.

<a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Garmin data from yesterday</a> (Interested in messing Garmin device? Have a look at my first minutes – it’s on plain ground :D)

Garmin data from today

Day 8, sub 40 program2nd round
start with 6x1k R60 3min 45 to 3min50

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR After 60 sec rest
1 1.01 3:49 3:48 158 171 95
2 0.992 3:43 3:45 165 177 107
3 0.992 3:45 3:47 169 191 119
4 0.983 3:42 3:46 176 188 124
5 994 3:47 3:49 177 189 133
6 0.986 3:41 3:45 179 196 130

Detailed Garmin data

Day 12, sub 40 program – 2nd round
5K paced run – aim sub 20:00 5k

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR Cadence
1 1.0 3:52 3:52 159 170 87
2 1.0 3:55 3:55 173 176 89
3 1.0 3:54 3:54 178 183 90
4 0.997 3:57 3:58 183 186 91
5 0.624 2:28 3:57 185 188 97
TOTAL 4.62 18:08 3:55 175 188 90
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A lot to think about lately

Hi out there!

Haven’t been so active here the past few days. Some may think that I’m overly active at other times, but for me this is a down 🙂

I got the bad news from my boss that I’m not going to China due to certain things that has happened over there. It’s bad new since we’ve planned our lives after it and have been waiting for it for over a year. Now we just have to replan it all along with me giving all my efforts to chase work oppertunities abroad. We really counted on the increase of income it would bring to be able to build our future house. :S

But, but.. Not all news can be good, right?

On the other hand there’s a lot going on at home now with the baby (Julie), it always fun to see how fast those small individuals grow and develops. But man, it’s a lot of work! some people say that it gets easier with every child. We have three now and it has been as much of work with each put together with taking care of the other. No wonder home parents are so worn 😀

Considering my running the past days I’ve done a few 1 hour runs and the 6 x 1km intervals, which I’m pretty satisfied with. Though I really have to put my last bit of energy into each km to keep the pace up.

I haven’t felt anything more retchings neither and my wake up pulse have been at 48 all days but one – then I had 56. The funny thing is that I felt more worn that day overall.

Later today I will post my data these past days. Take care!

Gear related Injuries Sub 40 program Training posts

Adding things up, also the Doctor’s visit

Today I went for the 1k intervals on the 2nd round of sub 40 program. It has been a very beautiful day, not very much unlike the earliest springdays we have in Sweden – but it’s much too early for spring yet 😉 Anyway, like all bright spring days, there were also a wind. Today it was meaner than before too, with lots of gusts attacking when you least expected. It made some of the 1k sessions very hard. Every second I had a head wind, but some were worse than others.

I also manage to screw things up with the laps. Somehow my jacket managed to push the start/stop button at two times.. The first was on the 4th lap. Unfortunately I didn’t realise it until after the lap when I saw the frozen time – but I got the most data from the lap, so I’ll just add the lost time from the pace I run at earlier on that. The other was the 5th – but then I only lost 1 or 2 second, so I’ll add that too 😀

Overall the sessions went well in spite of the wind. I don’t know if I’m supposed to push myself to maintain the correct pace in head wind – it do offer a much higher intensity then that might actually be unwanted. But then again, it mirrors reality in races, where unexpected winds can give you a very tough time.

As usual I did the interval excercise in the following order:

  • Warm up for some time
  • Stretching
  • 1k Sessions (Back and forth at a measured sidewalk close to work)
  • Cool down back
  • Stretching

You know the strain in the back of the leg I talked about in my earlier post – yesterday I think it was – It doesn’t bother me at all in my running. I can’t even remember how or when I got it. Maybe it’s not related to running at all. Or.. It might affect the running but just doesn’t hurt. Strange.. I do feel it when I walk. But it’s not especially bad – just a tiny touch of strain. Hopefully not much to bash my head for.

Yeah, today I also had a Doctor’s appointment for my digestion issues – Yep, still have them. They will do a complete test of me to analyze what’s the cause. But he didn’t believe in lactose intolerance or gluten allergy. Maybe some digestion bacteria or just that my body doesn’t cope well with my whole food change last year. Wouldn’t that be great! Don’t eat healthy, you might get problems..

Garmin data from yesterday (Interested in messing Garmin device? Have a look at my first minutes – it’s on plain ground :D)

Garmin data from today

Day 8, sub 40 program2nd round
start with 6x1k R60 3min 45 to 3min50

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR After 60 sec rest
1 0.997 3:53 3:54 162 175 126
2 1.01 3:55 3:52 171 181 126
3 1.02 3:42 3:39 174 183 128
4 1.00 3:46 3:46 175 188 129
5 1.00 3:47 3:47 176 186 136
6 1.01 3:52 3:49 181 191 138

Ps. We’re soon a week over time with the childbirth (last Thursday it was supposed to come), and tomorrow we’re going to see if everything is fine, if it’s still growing as it should, or they might start the process then.. So.. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be a dad once more 😉

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Finally an indication that it’s not lost

I’m of course talking about my fitness 😉

This time it was the 6 x 1k intervals and I decided to measure up a 1k distance along the strip close to work where the ground is clean from ice and snow more often because of heating pipes.. Today the asphalt was visible everywhere, which gave me a quite good grip.

The session went fine and I’m very satisfied over the result. I even tried with a little negative splits :). Among other things I’m glad that it proves that I haven’t lost all of my speed during winter’s build up phase, but the fact that I feel fatigue coming at me like a lion at the last 200 meters of the 1k indicates that I’m not as fit as I were in November. I don’t feel a difference during long easy runs – only at speed. I guess that is normal, but still not too funny..

Detailed Garmin data

Day 8, sub 40 program
start with 6x1k R60 3min 45 to 3min50

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR After 60 sec rest
1 1.0 3:49 3:49 167 173 118
2 1.0 3:48 3:48 170 192 119
3 1.0 3:46 3:46 177 201 134
4 1.0 3:50 3:50 179 193 132
5 1.0 3:45 3:45 174 188 134
6 1.0 3:44 3:44 177 186 128

Lol 😀 – In Garmin training center the 201 MaxHR at lap 3 (which by the way is higher than I’ve ever achieved at a max HR test) isn’t even visible. The highest HR is 195.3, which also seems like another dance step of the HR monitor by the short time it goes up and down without pace changing..