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Not quite the 4k time trial I had hoped for

I’m onto something new. The past couple of days I have started charting all the things I stuff into myself. I weigh it and I calculate it and I also put it into a homepage (Swedish unfortunately, but there must be something similar internationally) where all the fats, proteins and carbohydrates gets counted. There I also fill in my personal data – gender, age, weight, height – and what I normally do each day and for how long I do it. I can also choose if I want to remain at the same weight, increase or decrease it. One last thing is to also write in how I want to divide every days Kcal intake. The ideal for a distance runner is Protein 15%, Carbohydrates 60% and Fat 25%. Then, at every day it shows how much I’ve taken in of each of these and how high the goal is.

For a control freak like me it’s pretty neat! If not to control the weight, so for the joy of knowing how much and what exactly you stuff yourself with. It has a link to the Swedish food department (Livsmedelsverket), so you can also get stats of all ingredients other than the three accounted for above.

Todays 4k time trial started out great. It was -8 degrees and rougher in the air than what I’m recently used too, but I felt strong, ready and able. I went out.. And after 2k’s my system said no (the digestion problem).. But I persisted and continued the whole way, even though the rest was a total plague and at many points I thought it was going to end really really bad during the last kilometer. On the way home I had to stop and walk several times to struggle against it (noticeable on the garmin data, I believe) – it all felt very humiliating. Good thing it was dark outside :S

In spite of that “trouble” I am satisfied with my time trial, because I felt during it that I could have done much better in other circumstances. That feels promising and relieving actually as I might run my first race next Saturday – not totally sure yet about it. But if i do I really hope that I won’t suffer from the same thing as today. 😉

Detailed Garmin data

Day 19, sub 40 program – 2nd round
Race day up to 15K , 4k time trial

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR Cadence
1 1.00 3:49:42 3:49 159 171 93
2 1.00 3:57:85 3:57 171 175 94
3 1.02 3:59.13 3:56 177 183 94
4 0.98 3:46.93 3:52 181 185 94
TOTAL 4.00 15:33.33 3:53 172 185 94
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Having hard anticipating the slopes (4k time trial)

I don’t know what it was – the fact that I started out so early in the morning, that I threw myself a cup of coffee just the moment before, that I didn’t have sufficient energy in my body yet or the fact that I started going tough after too little warm-up..

In an hour from now I am going to help some friends move. And since I had my 4k time trial today I wanted to spend some energy on that, so I ran it now, early in the morning. I ate a little something an hour before, but maybe that wasn’t enough time for it go into the system..

It was 3 degrees warm when I started my warm-up, but I noticed quite soon that there were cruel winds. After a half km I decided to tap on the laps button. 1 km into it I felt a little fatigued in the legs. I thought then I wouldn’t manage with good result. But it went away. However, first half of the time trial I had an occasionally tough head wind, making it hard to maintain pace. I know that I at some moments were over 4:00.

Another thing I realised was that I early in the run have hard to anticipate how hard the slopes with feel for the legs later on in the run. It’s the same in races, I’ve noticed. To tackle the lost pace in the slopes one need to keep a higher avarage pace.. It even feels like the higher pace you gain down hill isn’t as high as the pace you lose up hill..

Well, it went fine, and I am pleased with the result, in spite of everything 🙂

But as always, I believe myself it’s a result with modification when running after a watch’s pace.

Detailed Garmin data

Day 19, sub 40 program
Race day up to 15K , 4k time trial

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR Cadence
1 1.00 3:49:58 3:49 169 176 94
2 0.997 3:49:13 3:50 176 182 95
3 1.00 3:50:06 3:49 184 188 96
4 1.01 3:51:38 3:50 189 195 96
TOTAL 4.01 15:20:15 3:49 180 195 95
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Taking cover from the force of nature

Winter Running
Winter Running

Today I thought about running all day – until late in the evening. But.. I didn’t dare. Earlier during the day I had fallen on the solid ice that now covers most of the ground here in this part of Sweden. Not too speak of the 10-15 times I’ve almost fallen, but in the end managed to keep myself on two feet..

It’s really awful when it’s like this. I don’t mind if there are tons of snow – as long as it keeps that way. But when it thaws, becomes slush and then freezes to thick ice, it’s not as funny. And it seems it will be like this for a while. In the weather forecast they speak of just a couple of plus degrees for every day the coming week, meaning it will will take long, long time for the ice to melt.

Analyzing yesterdays performance I think I could’ve done better if I had started out at a lower pace. I recognize from before the fatigue that appears when going out too tough. I’ll try to follow my own advices the next time (which I managed to neglect in my blindness of greed for way too rapid progress).

Now I hope that the sub program approaches. I’ve asked TheEd (coach) about it and if he’s positive it will start tomorrow. The programs are best to start on at Tuesdays so that the tough runs comes during the weekend. He’s feedback on the 4k yesterday was that he didn’t seem to think that less than 4:00 min/km was that bad.. Well, I wish I could be as positive in this case..

Now I’ve got the new digital camera going also, so there will hopefully be more photos on the blog 😉

Looking forward to tomorrow and a fresh new start with boundaries to cross!!

Take care!

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Went out tough and went down hard… (4k time trial)

Hmm… Don’t really know what to say. Hybris.. Or maybe just idiocy.

As you might have figured out from my title of this post the 4k time trial didn’t quite go the way I wanted. Before I went there I weighed myself on my Beurer body composition scale just for fun – and a little for statistics, which I’m also very fond of. 😀

Phsycial condition (Measured with a Beurer body composition scale)

Weight Fat % Body water % Muscle % Bone mass (kg) Basal Metab. Active Metab.
66.9 10.0 65.7 45.7 10.6 1678 Kcal 3107 Kcal

I started out with some minutes of warm-up at low speed. Then, like I wrote yesterday, I intended to start at a pace of 3:40, which equals 17.65 km/h… or.. Now I recall that they had written the pace conversions on the treadmill, which wasn’t similar to the ones I had calculated on a website.. I just looked it up on another site – I started out way too tough!! Maybe I did anyway, but the wrongly calculated paces I started out at was actually around 1.30 km/h faster than what I thought – That equals a pace of 3:24!! I thought it felt fast – And it was!! Way faster than I’m used to start out at..

Anyway, to continue with the time trial.. I started out at pace 3:24 (then). I felt the fatigue come very quickly and realized after a little more than a kilometer that I wouldn’t be able to complete. At 1.5 km I pushed the stop button.. The lactate had built up without mercy in my muscles. Then I thought I was just going to turn around and leave..

..But, like I’ve told before I am a little stubborn 😉

So I thought I at least had to complete the 4k’s of running, even though I had failed with the time trial the moment I pushed the emergency stop. I jumped on it one more time – now with a more modest pace at 4:17 (14 km/h). At that speed I believed I could manage to complete the 2.5 km that was left. I also did complete it and just to convince myself that I could push myself a little more I raised the pace to 4:08 the last 100 m (quite an achievement, isn’t it? *ironic*).

If I was to complain about anything other than myself (Shame on me!) it would be that the ceiling fan (no joke, there were no A/C) which opposite to me didn’t run at a too high speed, didn’t give much comfort in the struggle I had put myself in.

Detailed Garmin data (Here you can see that my Garmin and the treadmill don’t agree on how long I’ve run, and therefore my Garmin gives a lower pace than what I would’ve got if I only followed the treadmill. I’ve tried to end every lap at exactly the 1k or 0.5k mark of what the treadmill showed)

If the paces doesn’t match the ones I’ve written above in my telling of the run it’s because the ones in the table is calculated from the time of the Garmin and the k indicated on the treadmill. I hope they still are somewhat truthful to how it went, else I believe that the treadmills distance indication isn’t very good.

Day 20, build up (In the Total I’ve subtracted the data from the resting lap)
4k time trial on treadmill

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR Cadence
1 1.0 3:34 3:34 176 186 93
2 0.5 1:52 3:44 187 189 94
Rest 2:28
3 0.5 1:52 3:44 166 175 92
4 1.0 4:20 4:20 181 187 96
5 1.0 4:16 4:16 191 197 98
Total 4.0 15:55 3:58 182 197 95

Compare with the Garmins total, which differs:

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR Cadence
Total 4.38 (diff)
15:55 3:38 (diff)
182 197 95
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Thoughts about tomorrow’s 4k time trial

Maybe it really isn’t much to speak of – such a trivial thing as a time trial. It’s only to have something to test my current fitness and adjust the upcoming paced runs after.

Well, to me it is a big deal. I have been running slow, easy runs now for over a month, which makes me feel uncertain of my abilities. Sure, I do rely on the coaching I get and that the easy runs lays a good foundation for the coming race training. But something in the back of my head still nags about me not being able to run as fast as I did (39:47) in the Kretsloppet 10k race in August.. At least not until I’ve proved otherwise, anyway 😉

So tomorrow will be an important test for me, other than something to base my paced runs upon. If it shows that I’m in greater shape than I think, it will boost me to continue struggling – and if it tells me that I’m not in as great shape as I used to be, I will try even harder to get back there and over it all.

I believe there’s actually a possibility that my fitness has gotten worse. But to lay a good foundation to reach even higher maybe that was a necessary evil 🙂

Anyway, my plans for tomorrow will be to start out at 3:40 for around 1k, and then take 3:30 pace for 2k’s and end with the last k at 3:20. Don’t know if I will manage, or even get close to the goal, but that’s the plan!

  1. pace 3:40
  2. pace 3:30
  3. pace 3:30
  4. pace 3:20

This will leave me at an avarage of 3:30, which means a total 4k time at 14 minutes. It might be a little high aimed, but I like it that way. I think it’s still reachable if I haven’t lost it all…