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Running close to the limit (5k paced run)

Of course the weather had changed, meaning the slush had turn to uneven ice with a little snow on top – nice to run on, huh? But I had to do my 5k paced run anyway, so..

The past few days I’ve had slight indications of a cold under the surface. Today was no exception. I felt a little thick in the throat – energy was high and fine, though. But I decided to go through with the run anyway.

Today I did exactly the same route I did last 5k paced run. It would be funny to through up a diagram of them both just to compare (I’m really into stats! :D) Maybe I will do some day. I’ve actually been thinking about putting up a progress page here on the blog, where I will present the improvements with diagrams and more based on statistics. So look for it in the future 😉

The running itself went great – as earlier paced runs I feel like I almost hit the limit of what I’m capable of. That’s a little disturbing, but I guess the fitness is what it is. We’ll never know if I were able to perform better since I was supposed to only run it at a pace between 3:50 and 4:00. That is under 20 minutes, but not faster than 19.10. But like I said, I don’t think I would’ve done better in that case anyway..

Today’s schedule

  • 5k paced run, under 20 minutes but not faster than 19:10
  • Bodyweight 500 workout

I also weighed myself before the run 67.9 kg – I have gained weight. Don’t know if it’s because of the more intense strength traning or the fact that I eat more. I have increased my intake of bread and also added some nuts in the evening. Nuts are extremely healthy but contains lots of energy.

Detailed Garmin data

Day 12, sub 40 program – 2nd round
5K paced run – aim sub 20:00 5k

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR Cadence
1 0.997 3:51 3:52 160 175 91
2 1.01 3:57 3:55 172 177 91
3 0.995 3:54 3:56 179 183 92
4 0.999 3:56 3:56 181 185 93
5 1.0 3:55 3:54 183 189 93
TOTAL 5.0 19:32 3:54 175 189 92

It’s a little strange – when I compare today a little fast with the last time I ran it, I have the exact same total time, but overall I had higher heart rate today. Could be because of the cold maybe – or I’m just in worse shape.

Anyway, I thought it’d be a little funny to record the pulse data from the Bodyweight 500 workout too, which I did during the evening. There you can see how my heart rate really goes up and down during the excersising. The time was between 22 and 23 minutes like the last time.

Garmin data for todays Bodyweight 500 workout

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A packed day (5k paced run) (more photos)

It’s been a very stressful day. But we kind of like it that way. We started by making whole wheat scones and strawberry jam for breakfast. The strawberries was from the freezer – we picked them last summer (I don’t know how it works everywhere else in the world, but here in Sweden there are many strawberry self-picking fields). After that we watched Biathlon, went to the dump, made a Swedish pastry called Semlor. It’s a kind of cardamom wheat bun with marzipan and cream as filling. Very tasty! I even did the marzipan myself. Since a year back I’ve been very back to basics. Me and my wife are tired of all the junk they put in the food we buy, so we want to do as much as we can ourselves. For example, we almost never buy bread anymore. It all takes a lot of more time, but it’s worth it. Nothing can compete with home made bread, jam, pastries – well, all kinds of food.

A little picture of my and Emmas saturday-evening sweets, the Swedish pastry "semla"

Later I did my 5k paced run. Against better knowing I did it outside instead of a treadmill. It was around 0 degrees. Almost everywhere I got grip, but I did have to be cautious all the time..

I only tried to make it below 20 minutes. Afterwards I felt that I could’ve done a little better, but hey – compared to how it went on my first time trials two weeks ago it’s quite ok 😉

When I got home I made Spaghetti and meatsauce. My wife is very close to delivery right now, so I must do as much as I can to relieve her – which I gladly do! (just in case she will read this ;)) Also, both our girls are sick, which leads to them needing more attention than usual..

Take care, and good luck with all the running out there 🙂

Detailed Garmin data

Day 12, sub 40 program
5K paced run – aim sub 20:00 5k

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR Cadence
1 1.0 3:57 3:57 159 169 91
2 1.0 4:00 4:00 169 174 92
3 1.0 3:49 3:49 174 179 93
4 1.0 3:52 3:52 177 181 93
5 1.0 3:52 3:52 181 184 94
TOTAL 5.0 19:32 3:54 172 184 92
Emilia Schmeikal baking scones 110122
Emilia baking scones 110122
Clara Schmeikal is baking assistant 110122
Clara is baking assistant 110122
Kittie the cat
Kittie, our cat
Cleaning out Christmas 110122
Cleaning out Christmas (Don't mind the psycho, he wouldn't hurt a fly :)) 110122
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Supercompensation – it’s a give and take


No running today – it’s been resting day. Before I started on the running feedback program at I ran 6 days a week – always resting the same day – always doing the same running exercises the same days of the week.. That was all I knew by then. I had read a lot about running, though. What makes you a faster runner? What gives endurance? Techique of running – biomechanics.. From all that I thought it was just to make a mix of everything and see where it went. Actually, I think it went pretty decent, looking at my performance back in Summer of 2009 and the Summer of 2010. I never thought I would come that far in only a year 🙂

But, but.. There was an awful lot of things I didn’t know too. I knew that I didn’t hold the key to success – that’s why I kept on searching… One day my path crossed I thought “Why not?”, started an account and began filling in my data. I haven’t regretted a single time I signed up there. The trainer there giving feedback “TheEd” holds a lot of secrets of successful running and he’s very keen on looking into every single unique individual case. One of the first things he opened my eyes for, which I didn’t know, was what hypercompensation is. Hypercompensation is the key to success when you want to improve as effectively as possible.

I’m neither a scientist nor an athletic expert, so please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong in what I am to write 😉 I’d appreciate it.

To try to explain it shortly – when we workout, we brake down ourselves. This gives a signal to the body to get ready for some hard work. It starts to compensate the lack of ability by building itself up. When it reaches the peak where your ability was during the last workout it thinks “oh, no.. I won’t go there again – we need to bring some more juice this time!” and then builds up itself some more.. The peak reaches a little higher over the last peak – that’s supercompensation. If you are able to time each higher peak you will go on supercompensating higher and higher..

An explaining picture of supercompensation

Of course, for our bodies to be able to do so, we need to give it proper rest in between – hence the easy runs and resting days :). And that is also why the programs at isn’t symmetrical in exact weeks – it’s supposed to find those supercompensating peaks and give you a full load when you’re there.

If you want to dig a little deeper into the subject of supercompensation, do visit this Wikipedia page:

Tomorrow I’ll do the 5k paced run – hope I’m in the peak 😉 And also, I hope to find a nice place to do it, because I’m not really up for the treadmills I’ve been using earlier to be honest.

Take care y’all!!