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Positive news

When the pain wouldn’t go away in my foot I was very afraid that I had to be away from the running for a long time. Well, at least longer than I would want since I feel that I have worked so hard these two years I’ve been running to get where I currently am.

Yesterday I went to an orthopedic who was specialized in podiatry. We talked a lot about running – he was also a big fan of the sport and had been running 35 km per week for the last 20 years or so. After examining my foot he told me that there were no heat and neither a big swelling. He did find a small swelling within the heel, approximately 3 cm from the lower joint of the achilles tendon. So the way he described it it wasn’t on the tendon itself.

He also said that the healing process already was on and that I only needed to half my running for two weeks, preferably every other day rather than half the mileage every day. Then I could go back to my ordinary mileage.

Apparently it wouldn’t hurt to do my speed runs as long as I don’t feel it getting worse, according to him. Anyway, I don’t plan to do speedwork – just 1 hour easy runs and maybe a long run in the weekend.

So yesterday I could go out on my 1 hour easy run with a big smile on my face, happily knowing I didn’t do anything to harm myself. 🙂

One funny thing was that he commented my feet – that they were suitable for running, it was strangely awkward, but nice to hear. He said something like “These are good feet and joints – they are very good feet! Stable and strong” and at the same time he pushed and bent them in all directions. I couldn’t help but laughing  a little 😀

But he did say that I needed to stretch my calves and achilles tendons. They didn’t stretch so far and could be, he say they didn’t have to, but could be holding me back a little since they are fully stretch when my feet touch the ground hence not able to work fully during push off.. Or something.. I can’t say I understood everything he said.

Today have been a resting day and honestly I already feel better. I have been resting a little more than usual for two weeks now. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be willing to jeopardize the recovery by not following the advice..

In other words, yesterday was a very good day for me 😉


Analysis Injuries

Not an easy decision

Tomorrow would be the last race before my China trip 7th June. I looked forward to one last positive achievement. Now it seems it won’t happen. Sad, but I guess it’s for the best. I had the Thursday and Friday for rest and on Saturday I took a 30 min easy run with 1 min x 6 @ race pace and 1 min of easy in between. The injury is still there. Not much worse than before, but neither better. Coach thought it best to pay the physio a visit rather than running a race – and I guess he’s right.

To use a golf metaphor I also used in the feedback forum:

“It’s like when you play golf (to draw a parallel), and are in the woods with trees in between yourself and the green. The urge to go for the green through the trees instead of taking a shot to the side on the fairway is VERY strong.. However, not especially wise

This time I will go for the fairway and hopefully win a few hits in the end..

So.. I will book an appointment with the doctor to see what he has to say about it.. I think it’s very strange that I don’t have the pain all the time at the same type of movement. It’s when I race the heel and stand/push with the ball of the foot – but like I’ve said before, just a few strides in a row. And almost never when I run fast – only when I walk or go easy.

Let’s just hope it gets better soon.. In China I will do a build up to regenerate.

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The injured achilles and this weeks training

Like I wrote in my earlier post I started running again on saturday. At every session I’ve had a few niggles in the Achilles tendon in the beginning. Everytime they disappeared quite fast.

I started out this week with an easy 1 hour run which felt good. Still the niggle, but not worse. Every day niggle feels slightly better. But only slightly. After work I was late for the commuter train, so I had to run fast to catch it. Then I noticed I didn’t feel the niggles – not even in the beginning. That’s when I decided I would try to manage the 6 x 1k session today.

The 6 x 1k session was ok. There were lots of hard head winds during 3-5 interval, which truly shows on my decreasing pace and increasing heart rates. On the last 50 meters of the last 1k I had the dry-retchings. Probably because of trying to maintain the high pace at head wind. That’s one hard thing – not to overwork oneself when doing a paced run in nasty head wind. The pace isn’t calculated for hard winds, I suppose, but it still shows as a bad result in the data :S

Anyway, I had no trouble with the achilles tendon during the interval sessions. Only like every time earlier, at the first steps of the warm up slow running.

Tue May 24 – 6 x 1k with 60 seconds of rest in between

Lap – Avg pace – Avg HR – Max HR – Min HR after rest
1 – 3:36 – 163 – 107
2 – 3:38 – 164 – 111
3 – 3:38 – 174 – 118
4 – 3:41 – 177 – 125
5 – 3:43 – 179 – 132
6 – 3:39 – 180 – 128

Injuries Sub 40 program Training posts

When the body disagrees with the performance

This Monday I had pains in the right achilles tendon right when I started running my 1 hour easy run. They disappeared after a minute, but came back for short whiles during the run. Most of the time I didn’t feel it at all.

I asked Coach what to do about it on the Tuesday – I also told him I had caught a minor cold, which I still have 🙁

He answered that it was the body’s way to react when I now had increased my race speed at the race last Saturday. He told me it is best to take it easy, cut the runs by 20-30%. Also, it could be good to ice the achilles tendon right after practice and heat it with a bean/wheat-bag or similar during the evening. Then he adviced me to read about the achilles tendonities injury in time-to-run’s injury section and how to treat it to recover in shortest time possible.

Like you can see below I took it very easy during today’s and yesterday’s runs. Now I’m a little concerned with Thursday’s 5 x 2k run. What will it do to my performance if I’m not able to do it? I’ll have to ask Coach.

Tue 17 May – easy recovery run

6.36 km – 5:49 min/km – 123 in avg hr

Wed 18 May – easy recovery run

6.32 km – 5:48 min/km – 123 in avg hr