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Pushing the limits (2k sessions)

Yesterday I had my 2k sessions for this round. Since I have managed to best my 10k times both last races I had my mind set upon better results before going out on the run. Since my last race was run at average pace of 3:55 min/km I wanted to push the threshold a little, thus I planned for 3:45-3:50 on the sessions.

I can say now afterwards that it was much like a race when it comes to how you feel in the end. During the last 2k interval I had to really fight to keep the pace up, but I managed to still. The past two weeks I’ve got the feeling a little more than before that the body can handle much more than the mind is willing to admit –  and that it’s mostly the mind that limits it all. But I also don’t think that it’s good to reach too far over the limits of the mind. Like coach says, you need to give the body time to adjust – and it’s very true.

Most probably I won’t be able to maintain 3:45 during the race next weekend, but maybe the race after that 🙂

It seems now like I will run Hälsoloppet in Alingsås next weekend and Blodomloppet in Gothenburg two after that. Then I will have a little break from racing when I’m in china and only work on the build-up for some weeks on the treadmill 🙂

Day 3, sub 39 program

start with 5x2k R90 (3.45 to 3:50 per k)

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR aft. 90 sec Note
1 2.00 7:32.40 3:47 169 190 94 Strange HR values
2 2.00 7:34.22 3:47 167 177 115
3 2.01 7:39.89 3:49 171 181 124
4 1.99 7:36.46 3:49 176 185 130 Started getting tired
5 2.00 7:34.70 3:48 179 186 125 Really tired here
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Seedningsloppet (race) next week and more retchings

The past days have been a little heavy. I have done all training though and just tried to relax with the family.

Yesterday I did the 5k sub 20, but like on the 2k x 5 last time I came to retchings close to the end of the run. This time it was when I had less than a half km left. It has been in the end both times. Of course it meant I had to stop and go through with them. I didn’t throw up, just a two or three retchings and then it was all good again. No warning of something like it earlier on the day or run either.

I got a little concerned about next weeks race, so I started investigating a little on the web if other runners had similar problems and what to do. I found out that it seem to be connected to low ph in the stomach and/or high lactate levels.

I’ve found some recommendations about what food not to intake before a run and how long before the run I shouldn’t take any of it. The list is here, but is in swedish – maybe there’s an international one somewhere – please feel free to provide me with one if you know of any :).

From that list I can easily see that my primary problem must be coffee and heavy food at all closer than 3 hours before a run. I always run within 2 hours from a big dinner and most of the times I also drink coffee right after dinner, which doesn’t seem to be good. This can be closely related to my diarrea during runs too..

However, about the diarrea I’ve been to a physician and left lots of samples of all kinds at the laboratory. Did it at friday and it will be very interesting to see the results..

I’m too occupied right now to fill in the gaps with all the detailed running data, so I just add to most important ones which are the 1k x 6 earlier in the week and yesterdays 5k sub 20.

This week I need to load up for the Gothenburg half marathong seeding race which is next Sunday. Last year I ran it that on 45:17. Now I hope to at least run at less than 43 min, which I should be able to do if I’m in same shape as the last 10k race last year or better.

<a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Garmin data from yesterday</a> (Interested in messing Garmin device? Have a look at my first minutes – it’s on plain ground :D)

Garmin data from today

Day 8, sub 40 program2nd round
start with 6x1k R60 3min 45 to 3min50

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR After 60 sec rest
1 1.01 3:49 3:48 158 171 95
2 0.992 3:43 3:45 165 177 107
3 0.992 3:45 3:47 169 191 119
4 0.983 3:42 3:46 176 188 124
5 994 3:47 3:49 177 189 133
6 0.986 3:41 3:45 179 196 130

Detailed Garmin data

Day 12, sub 40 program – 2nd round
5K paced run – aim sub 20:00 5k

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR Cadence
1 1.0 3:52 3:52 159 170 87
2 1.0 3:55 3:55 173 176 89
3 1.0 3:54 3:54 178 183 90
4 0.997 3:57 3:58 183 186 91
5 0.624 2:28 3:57 185 188 97
TOTAL 4.62 18:08 3:55 175 188 90
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Running close to the limit (5k paced run)

Of course the weather had changed, meaning the slush had turn to uneven ice with a little snow on top – nice to run on, huh? But I had to do my 5k paced run anyway, so..

The past few days I’ve had slight indications of a cold under the surface. Today was no exception. I felt a little thick in the throat – energy was high and fine, though. But I decided to go through with the run anyway.

Today I did exactly the same route I did last 5k paced run. It would be funny to through up a diagram of them both just to compare (I’m really into stats! :D) Maybe I will do some day. I’ve actually been thinking about putting up a progress page here on the blog, where I will present the improvements with diagrams and more based on statistics. So look for it in the future 😉

The running itself went great – as earlier paced runs I feel like I almost hit the limit of what I’m capable of. That’s a little disturbing, but I guess the fitness is what it is. We’ll never know if I were able to perform better since I was supposed to only run it at a pace between 3:50 and 4:00. That is under 20 minutes, but not faster than 19.10. But like I said, I don’t think I would’ve done better in that case anyway..

Today’s schedule

  • 5k paced run, under 20 minutes but not faster than 19:10
  • Bodyweight 500 workout

I also weighed myself before the run 67.9 kg – I have gained weight. Don’t know if it’s because of the more intense strength traning or the fact that I eat more. I have increased my intake of bread and also added some nuts in the evening. Nuts are extremely healthy but contains lots of energy.

Detailed Garmin data

Day 12, sub 40 program – 2nd round
5K paced run – aim sub 20:00 5k

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR Cadence
1 0.997 3:51 3:52 160 175 91
2 1.01 3:57 3:55 172 177 91
3 0.995 3:54 3:56 179 183 92
4 0.999 3:56 3:56 181 185 93
5 1.0 3:55 3:54 183 189 93
TOTAL 5.0 19:32 3:54 175 189 92

It’s a little strange – when I compare today a little fast with the last time I ran it, I have the exact same total time, but overall I had higher heart rate today. Could be because of the cold maybe – or I’m just in worse shape.

Anyway, I thought it’d be a little funny to record the pulse data from the Bodyweight 500 workout too, which I did during the evening. There you can see how my heart rate really goes up and down during the excersising. The time was between 22 and 23 minutes like the last time.

Garmin data for todays Bodyweight 500 workout

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The cruel winds of western Sweden

The day for 2k intervals. Most of the ice has melted now, it’s only still there at some specific places (like on the only way to my commuter train station, where I almost every day fall on the nose). On those places it’s very slippery since the ice now has a wet surface because of the plus degrees. But.. On most places on the ground there’s like I’ve written before, only gravel, leftovers from the tending of the snowy/icy winter earlier this season.

However, the season has now brought us a somewhat windy existence, which disturbed my running today 🙁

With tailwind it went ok, of course, but unfortunately the least head wind took the edge of me. It was a huge struggle keeping the pace up. Why then? I think it’s because of the fact that I’m not strong enough to tackle those cruel winds.. They weren’t that tough, but even a little was tough enough for me, I’m afraid. And the tailwind didn’t support me enough to gain what I had lost.

But.. I still think it’s a descent session, so I’m satisfied 😉

In the table below I specify what type of wind that I had during each lap. There were not much of slopes anywhere that made much difference.

Training – 2k intervals

I started with some minutes of warm-up running. Then I stretched and started with my intervals. Afterwards I had 6 minutes of cool-down and wrapped it up with a little more stretching

Detailed Garmin data

Day 3, sub 40 program – 2nd round
start with 5x2k R90 (3.55 to 4.00 per k)

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR aft. 90 sec Wind
1 2.01 7:56 3:57 164 184 104 Tailwind
2 2.00 7:57 3:59 173 192 122 Headwind
3 1.99 7:56 4:00 176 187 129 Headwind
4 2.00 7:53 3:57 178 191 139 Tailwind
5 2.00 8:00 4:00 181 191 127 1st half Hw, 2nd Tw
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A great feeling, but did I go too fast? (400m intervals)

At the 10 x 400 m intervals today it went incredibly good. I didn’t feel at any time that I wouldn’t be able to maintain the pace. On the contrary, it was hard not to go faster than what was set out for the exercise. I shouldn’t have gone faster than 86 sec / 400m, that is 3:35 min/km.

I think I went over that most of the sessions.. Let’s just hope that doesn’t turn things over in a bad way 😉 I guess Coach will let me know..

I don’t know how exact the distances are, so I choose to go after the Garmin watch.

By the way, please have a look in the Garmin details link below. If you look at my heart rate compared to my speed at the first nine minutes during the transport to where I did the intervals, you see what I mean by messing Garmin 😀 – Can be VERY annoying when trying to keep a certain heart rate 😉

Detailed Garmin data

Day 15, sub 40 program
start with 10 x 400m R 60 400/86sec – no faster

Lap Distance Time (sec) AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR After 60 sec rest
1 395 87 3:40 162 172 117
2 395 83 3:30 162 176 119
3 395 80 3:22 162 178 114
4 415 84 3:22 163 180 125
5 382 81 3:31 165 180 126
6 394 82 3:27 167 183 127
7 406 85 3:30 165 180 133
8 401 83 3:28 164 181 135
9 397 83 3:30 169 184 137
10 405 85 3:29 168 183 129
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Am I giving up too easily?

I don’t know how to handle this. Todays 2k didn’t go so well. In fact I didn’t fulfill this time on a treadmill either. It nags me a lot. Am I giving up too easily?

Since I started running in 2009 I’ve only interrupted three runs and all three have been on treadmill. Most painful is that I don’t know if anything else but me is to blaim.

This time I know that I had the correct km/h speed. I was going to run 5 x 2k with 90 secs of rest in between. TheEd (trainer) had told me to aim for 4:10 min/km. Converted to speed that is 14.4 km/h.

How things turned out when running

I got there and started running. It felt very fast. During the first 90 seconds of rest I felt quite exhausted. On the 2nd lap I slowed the speed on the treadmill a little. When looking at the Garmin it still said 3:44 as pace. On the 2nd rest I felt even more fatigued. On the 3rd lap of running I slowed down to 12.7 km/h. That was what the Garmin thought of as 4:09. Only after a couple of minutes the stomach started messing with me. After a little more than 6 minutes I had to run to powder my nose. When I got back three minutes later I gave up and went home…

On the way home in the car my thoughts were only focused on my failure…

Either I have got very slow and weak during the build up, or something is seriously wrong with the treadmill. But I can’t imagine that it would be that out of calibration. :S

Last time I ran a 10k time trial was 27th November – if the Garmin watch wasn’t completely insane I ran it at 38:37. It would feel very bad for me if my fitness have gone down that much in six weeks.

Mentally the last two failed faster runs is a little hard on me. I’m not used to this. Not completing. Usually it’s not even a part of my vocabulary. But trust me, this doesn’t mean I will let myself be forced into negative thoughts – I will never give up.

It’s might be troublesome and tiresome, but in the end I know these things only makes me more determined to get back to the chase again. I think that I need to run outside on the next couple of paced runs. And when the snow gets away I will visit Mjörnvallen – our local outside arena here in Alingsås..

Actually I’m always like this when my achievement isn’t good enough. At first I think, think, think. And while doing that I’m very hard on myself. But later on, or even just a couple of moments after, I’m back in, most of the times even more determined to succeed.. Stubborn, some might say (read wife :))

But, but.. Something needs to be done with my stomach – It can’t continue this way. Today I can’t think of anything that would cause that kind of stress to it. All I’ve eaten has been kind-to-digestion food. Need to give that doctor a call..

Over and out

Detailed Garmin data

Note the differ with the Garmin values which are written within parentheses

Day 3, sub 40 program
Start with 5x2k R90 8min 20 (4.10 per k)

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR MinHR
1 2 (2.30) 8:41 4:20 (3:47) 166 184
Rest 1:30 107
2 2 (2.37) 9:00 4:30 (3:48) 177 191
Rest 1:30 147
3 ? (1.32) 5:28 ? (4:09) 175 186
Rest 1:30 168

Now when looking at the data, I am more sure – there’s obviously something that isn’t quite right with the treadmill. I know some of my paces pretty well, and on lap 2 there’s no way I ran at 4:30. 4:30 was a pace I used to do my aerobic runs at, when aiming for a heart rate at around 155. And that was last summer. Well, well.. 😉

But then again, I’m not sure about anything right now at the moment. Need to sort things out a little. But it’s still strange that I do feel stronger than ever! 😀

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Thoughts about tomorrow’s 4k time trial

Maybe it really isn’t much to speak of – such a trivial thing as a time trial. It’s only to have something to test my current fitness and adjust the upcoming paced runs after.

Well, to me it is a big deal. I have been running slow, easy runs now for over a month, which makes me feel uncertain of my abilities. Sure, I do rely on the coaching I get and that the easy runs lays a good foundation for the coming race training. But something in the back of my head still nags about me not being able to run as fast as I did (39:47) in the Kretsloppet 10k race in August.. At least not until I’ve proved otherwise, anyway 😉

So tomorrow will be an important test for me, other than something to base my paced runs upon. If it shows that I’m in greater shape than I think, it will boost me to continue struggling – and if it tells me that I’m not in as great shape as I used to be, I will try even harder to get back there and over it all.

I believe there’s actually a possibility that my fitness has gotten worse. But to lay a good foundation to reach even higher maybe that was a necessary evil 🙂

Anyway, my plans for tomorrow will be to start out at 3:40 for around 1k, and then take 3:30 pace for 2k’s and end with the last k at 3:20. Don’t know if I will manage, or even get close to the goal, but that’s the plan!

  1. pace 3:40
  2. pace 3:30
  3. pace 3:30
  4. pace 3:20

This will leave me at an avarage of 3:30, which means a total 4k time at 14 minutes. It might be a little high aimed, but I like it that way. I think it’s still reachable if I haven’t lost it all…