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I didn’t feel “light” at all

First day of the program. At today’s run I couldn’t bear running for more than 40 minutes even though I know I said I would run more today to compensate yesterdays lack. I just felt heavy and my breathing was strained. I don’t know why, but one possibility could be the exercising I did earlier on the day. I did 50 forward lunges and 50 toe lifts among other things. That might have been it. Also I switched shoes to another pair according to what Coach has told me. It’s to decrease the risk of injury – to switch between at least two different pairs of shoes. Anyway, I felt I had to fight more to maintain the pace. Much more than I had to do the past three days.

Else I don’t know.

Tue 5 July – Easy run in fuzhou

40:06 – 8.16 km – 4:55 min/km – 162 in avg hr



Sub 40 program Training posts

Up for the challenge (10k race tomorrow)

Tomorrow is the time for my second race this season. I’m really excited as always just before a new race. This week I’ve felt strong and full of energy and I feel that there’s a possibility the race will be something I can be proud of 🙂

On the other hand I’ve never been in the area where it’s held and don’t know how many and big slopes it contains. That can be a problem.

All my children have had colds this week and I have been really afraid that I might catch one too. I might jinx it just by telling about it, but.. Still no indications of it.

Today and yesterday I have resting days because of the race being held on a Sunday.

Here’s the data from this weeks runs. I will try to change battery in the heart rate monitor. Most of the times it messes with me now is during the first 10 minutes of a run and I can temporarily get it down to the correct hr by pushing the sensor on the left side to my chest for a while. But when I release it it goes straight up again.

Day 14, Sub 40 program – 4th round
1hr easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.62 1:01.47 5:49 132 158 88

(I’ve already published the data from the 15th 400m intervals)

Day 16, Sub 40 program – 4th round
1hr easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 11.28 1:02.52 5:34 137 189 88

Day 17, sub 40 program4th round
30min easy 6x1min fast with 1min slow – 1min @ Race Pace

Lap Distance Time (min) AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR After 60 sec easy
1 5.18 30:00 5:47 135 181
2 0.254 1:00 3:57 158 172 132
3 0.253 1:00 3:58 163 173 149
4 0.258 1:00 3:53 167 178 152
5 0.256 1:00 3:56 169 182 150
6 0.262 1:00 3:50 164 176 150
7 0.260 1:00 3:52 166 172 156
Sub 40 program Training posts

A run worth mentioning

Today I did the 400 meter intervals. I was at work and I’m tired of running the intervals there back and forth on at a specific measured distance so I decided to do it on a round and just follow the pods distance readings.

The past two weeks I’ve felt pretty worn in the body and tired in the legs, but today I didn’t feel any of that. It felt really great, honestly. If the race on Sunday actually would’ve been today I wouldn’t cry 😀

But let’s just hope it will be just like that then too. There’s a very high possibility it will be a windy race, since it’s held in the island area outside Gothenburg at the west side of Sweden. We are always unshielded to the hard winds of the North sea at this side of the country. But some days it’s very still and nice. We’ll see…

But getting back to todays run it was very solid and I felt strong and able and I think that the heart rates below speak the right words compared to my last 400 m interval run 😉

Here are the data from today

Detailed Garmin data

Day 15, sub 40 program – 2nd round of program, 2nd round of third week
start with 10 x 400m R 60 400/86sec – no faster

Lap Distance Time (sec) AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR After 60 sec rest
1 ? 87 ? ? ? 94
2 394 85 3:36 150 168 100
3 398 88 3:41 153 170 100
4 398 86 3:37 154 171 110
5 385 83 3:37 155 173 103
6 389 85 3:39 155 176 110
7 394 84 3:34 160 180 111
8 390 84 3:36 163 182 116
9 389 82 3:32 165 183 120
10 393 85 3:38 164 182 116
Sub 40 program Training posts

New surroundings

Today I went to Västerås again on job. I got a tip from some guys at work of a great place to run at. It’s an island outside of Västerås called Björnön. It has a lot of measured running trails going everywhere. Though some of them still had parts of packed ice left, at least one or two were possible to run.

I took the 5k and after that I continued back to Västerås along the usual road. It was really great to run at soft trail ground and feel the nature so tightly around oneself 🙂 It felt like it was pretty long since I experienced new nature to run in. This summer I will try to find new trails around Alingsås to run at. One downside is that they usually include areas of slopes which isn’t ideal for running at low heart rate.. But maybe that doesn’t matter that much if only most of it is plain.

Here’s the data from todays 1 hour run, but it had some really bad slopes, which kept the heart rate a little high

Day 9, Sub 40 program – 4th round
1hr easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.56 1:00.00 5:41 132 166 88
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Running update – ups and downs

So, I think it’s time for a little update in the running area 😉

Past week I’ve been doing the first week in the sub 40 program. Honestly I’ve felt very tired in the body for some reason. The legs have felt heavy and I’ve lacked energy. Also I’ve lacked a little in the motivation to go out running at all.

I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel like I do much progress. Coach always tells me that I shouldn’t question the program and I don’t – I question my own ability. Maybe this is also an effect of all the downs we’ve had in the family lately. When lots of tiny bad things occur in a short time, they tend to pack themselves up in a big pile that blocks your way :S

Anyway, The 1 hour runs went ok, like I wrote earlier I’ve been tired, but they have done their part of the job.
When I ran the 2k sessions on the other hand, I came to retchings again. I was running in Västerås and It was in the end of the third 2k interval if I’m not mistaken. I had run a lot upwards and then downwards and when they came I was on my way upward again. Not a big incline, but big enough to keep me working hard to keep up the pace. Like all the times I felt it build up the minute right before. Only way to prevent them is to slow down a lot or stop – and that’s not me, I’m afraid.

I still completed all the intervals, but at lower pace. I recovered the lost 200 meters in the fourth interval instead.

It doesn’t feel good that I have to keep down the pace not to get the retchings. I feel that the strength in my legs and body cope well with the pace..

Today I did the 1k intervals. It was in Gothenburg and like always the winds were present. But I think I did pretty well. I haven’t checked the data yet. I would rather run these intervals on a track to get it exact, but sometimes I don’t have time to do that.

I have also applied for another race – Skärgårdsmilen . It’s a 10k race held on the Islands Hönö and Fotö outside Gothenburg. It’s in two weeks from now on the weekend. The date is 17th April. But I think it will a nice experience to run in the beautiful island nature 🙂

Let’s just hope I don’t come to retchings then. I will really have to see the doctor again about that. I don’t know if I’ve written about it here, but the laboratory tests proved to be perfect. So there’s something else with me. Don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that. It’s good that I don’t have any allergies, bacterias and such. But now it can be something physical that can’t be cured if I’m unfortunate :S

One more thing.. I promise to be better at updating the blog. It’s just that I’ve had a lot going on at home lately with the new child (Julie) and everything. Family must always come first 🙂

Here’s the data from the 8k race two weeks ago

Detailed Garmin data
Link to results of race

Race day – Vårtävling 8k (7777m), Skatås

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 7777 m 30:46 3:57 184 199 92

And todays 1k sessions

Garmin data from today

Day 8, sub 40 program2nd round
start with 6x1k R60 3min 45 to 3min50

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR After 60 sec rest
1 1.0 3:49 3:48 166 174 91
2 1.0 3:49 3:50 164 178 119
3 1.0 3:52 3:51 171 180 125
4 1.0 3:47 3:47 174 183 132
5 0.997 3:50 3:51 174 185 134
6 1.0 3:49 3:49 175 184 128
Sub 40 program Training posts

New horizons

Still very disappointment about not being able to run last sunday.. I even tried to convince myself I felt good enough yesterday for a 10k race and that “if only the sickness wouldn’ve come a day earlier I would’ve been able to run”.. Well, not very close to the truth. I did run a very easy run during lunch and let’s just say that stomach wasn’t totally up for it. I managed, and it did feel better as time went by, but not completely comfortable – I can say that.

Today I’ve been at home. My wife have caught some kind of torticollis. That meant that I had to try to occupy the kids while running. Now when the snow and ice is totally gone our local sport stadium is a wonderful choice for interval runs. So I put the kids in front of a favorite movie (bad parenting) and went down there and did my 400 meter intervals. Since I still plan for a race next weekend in Örebro I think redoing last week of the program is for the best. That is also what Coach have told me to do earlier under the same circumstances.

The race I will try to do this Saturday is an 8k race (actually 7777m) in Gothenburg. 😀
Info in Swedish

The intervals felt ok. No troubles with the stomach – only issue was the hard wind which whipped me back at the last long side of the stadium. But I’m satisfied 😀

But it’s obvious when looking at my rest recovery hr below that I’m not fully recovered from the stomach flu. I has been much lower earlier.

Detailed Garmin data

Day 15, sub 40 program – 2nd round of program, 2nd round of third week
start with 10 x 400m R 60 400/86sec – no faster

Lap Distance Time (sec) AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR After 60 sec rest
1 400 87 3:37 151 167 104
2 400 86 3:35 156 171 113
3 400 85 3:32 160 175 117
4 400 88 3:40 160 175 119
5 400 87 3:37 163 179 124
6 400 87 3:37 164 180 122
7 400 87 3:37 164 181 127
8 400 84 3:30 168 183 133
9 400 85 3:32 170 186 134
10 400 85 3:32 171 185 128
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A lot to think about lately

Hi out there!

Haven’t been so active here the past few days. Some may think that I’m overly active at other times, but for me this is a down 🙂

I got the bad news from my boss that I’m not going to China due to certain things that has happened over there. It’s bad new since we’ve planned our lives after it and have been waiting for it for over a year. Now we just have to replan it all along with me giving all my efforts to chase work oppertunities abroad. We really counted on the increase of income it would bring to be able to build our future house. :S

But, but.. Not all news can be good, right?

On the other hand there’s a lot going on at home now with the baby (Julie), it always fun to see how fast those small individuals grow and develops. But man, it’s a lot of work! some people say that it gets easier with every child. We have three now and it has been as much of work with each put together with taking care of the other. No wonder home parents are so worn 😀

Considering my running the past days I’ve done a few 1 hour runs and the 6 x 1km intervals, which I’m pretty satisfied with. Though I really have to put my last bit of energy into each km to keep the pace up.

I haven’t felt anything more retchings neither and my wake up pulse have been at 48 all days but one – then I had 56. The funny thing is that I felt more worn that day overall.

Later today I will post my data these past days. Take care!

Sub 40 program Training posts

A 1 hour “longest run”

Yesterday I had my longest run, which is supposed to go on for up to 90 minutes. I felt alright, but because of the complications in the end of the 2k intervals I felt that it’s better being safe than sorry. In the early morning I took my wake up heart rate, which was 48. Coach says that if it’s more than 10 beats above the usual one better be cautious. I haven’t checked mine earlier, but I can’t imagine it being much lower than that. But I felt it was better to play it safe anyway, so my run was very calm and I only ran for an hour.

Today I had another 1 hour easy run, which felt refreshing and fine – except for the heart rate monitor going nuts for a while, then.. :S

Detailed Garmin data

Day 5, Sub 40 program – 3rd round
1hr easy

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.19 1:00.06 5:54 124 142 88

Detailed Garmin data

Day 6, Sub 40 program – 3rd round
Longest run, up to 90 min on feet

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR AvgCadence
1 10.22 1:00.19 5:54 127 192 89

As you can see on the first run of these two I have dropped a lot in the heart rate, which I believe to be a good indication of improved running ecomony. Hope it gives me some advantages on the coming races 😉

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Ran until I almost threw up (2k intervals)

The run started out fine. Well, actually I felt very energetic during the whole run in spite of the things that occured. If it hadn’t been for the two “incidents” it might have turn out to be a pretty good performance 😉

I did the 2k intervals on the streets of Alingsås. I took the round I’d like to call the round around Alingsås, because it goes around the centre of the city.

The first incident that occured was that I had to pay the woods a visit in my 90 secs of rest between 4th and 5th interval – nice and relaxing, right?

Second thing was that I had to push the lap button when it was a little more than 100 meters left of the last interval. The reason? I had so hard retchings I couldn’t go on running. I was an inch from throwing up on the street, but I didn’t luckily. Very annoying to be so close to the finish but unable to finish. Had it been a race I would have tried in spite of the retchings 😉 But I don’t know if it had been possible. It sure didn’t feel that way today 😀

I don’t know why I had the retchings really. During the last interval I had two slopes – one in the beginning and one in the end. The first one made me lose some pace, so on the second one I really pushed it just to get some back. But I actually didn’t feel like I had run totally out of energy when I had to stop. That’s what was so strange. But we have had some colds in the family the past days – maybe I have caught something. But then again, I don’t feel bad.. Don’t know really what to make out of it.

When I waddled home I practically heard my heartbeats in my head, which I usually don’t, so I must have been under stress in some way..

Detailed Garmin data

Day 3, sub 40 program – 3rd round
start with 5x2k R90 (3.55 to 4.00 per k)

Lap Distance Time AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR aft. 90 sec Note
1 2.01 7:54.15 3:56 157 171 106
2 2.00 7:45.15 3:53 171 180 115
3 1.99 7:51.75 3:57 174 183 124
4 1.99 7:49.54 3:56 175 184 139 Forest during rest
5 1.82 7:09.01 3:56 181 190 breaking due to retching

An improvement

Analyzing this 2k compared to the last one I can see that my heart rates are lower at higher speed this time which indicates some improvement. I like that 😉

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Not the perfect conditions

Life at home is very nice now. Everytime I see that little face, even if it’s just been 5 minutes since the last time, I can’t help but to get surprised such small people exists 😀

I did my run today. The surface was mean – a mix of solid ground and slippery spots. Didn’t really know how to handle it best way other than just plough through 😉

My digestion problems haven’t been sorted out yet – still waiting for a remittance to the tests. It was a problem today too, like many other days. The last 15 minutes was a total pain. And I can also acknowledge that I’ve noticed that the niggle in the back of my right leg is back. I’ve felt it the last couple of days. It’s along the large tendon on the back-inside of the thigh/backside of the knee. I’ve never experienced anything similar, but I guess it’s more than anything a sign of overload, or that I load the legs differently..

Detailed Garmin data

Day 17, sub 40 program – 2nd round
30min easy 6x1min fast with 1min slow – 1min @ Race Pace

Lap Distance Time (min) AvgPace AvgHR MaxHR HR After 60 sec easy
1 5.22 30:00 5:45 129 140
2 0.251 1:01 4:02 157 167 146
3 0.267 1:01 3:49 165 172 151
4 0.263 1:00 3:51 167 175 153
5 0.263 1:01 3:51 166 175 152
6 0.261 1:00 3:51 164 173 152
7 0.257 1:01 3:56 170 176 155